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DCAE-DS (Design Studio) is an SDC Pluggable Designer as part of SDC design-time platfroms. DCAE Design Studio enables to define and configure the monitoring flows of DCAE. 

The configured monitoring flow is referred to as a monitoring configuration (or MC) or VFC-monitoring templates (or VFCMTs).

The monitoring template is composed from onboarded microServices (mS) models.


  • Info on "Base Templates" 

SDC Service Context (R2)

DCAE-DS is accessed from the a service context of SDC (specific service model configuration) "Monitoring" - located on the left side categories. This context provides DCAE-DS (as a pluggable designer) the specific service,version and user context to enable or disable capabilities (edit, checkin, checkout).

The initial view in this context presents the "Monitoring Table"

Monitoring Table

This presents all configured MCs assigned to this (referenced) service, their version and submitted state.

Monitoring ConfigurationIndicates the name given to this monitoring configuration.
VNFi Name

Indicates the name of the virtual function network instance in the service(s) to which this monitoring configuration is linked.

VersionIndicates the version number of the monitoring configuration.

Indicates the current status of the blueprint representing the specific monitoring configuration (either Submitted or Not Submitted).

Last Updated by

Indicates the unique ID of the administrator who made the most recent changes to this monitoring configuration.

ActionsHover presents supported actions


Users can create a new monitoring configuration based on predefined "MC base template".

If no compatible Base templates are defined a user can "import" a template located from the DCAE-DS MC catalog (R3).

SDC General Context (R3)

DCAE-DS general context is accessed from an upper TAB of SDC (DCAE-DS). This context does does not provide the service specific information to the pluggable designer.

The configuration in this

MC Catalog

Presents all created MCs (not filtered by service).


Users can create a new MC which is not assigned to a service.This MC can be assigned to a specific service from


The use of creating a general MC is for accessing the "composition canvas" which allows the user to drag and connect the required mS applications (only mS onboarded to SDC).

Note: MCs not assigned to a service cannot be distributed using the SDC distribution.

Configuring mS (microService)

Each monitoring configuration includes microservices. For each microservice you must either configure each parameter or accept the default.

The mS parameters are represented acording to the onboarded mS models.The mS TOSCA models are generated from spec (component specification) files.

Details about the component specification could be found here.

The configured parameters will be set in the generated artifact.

Artifact Generation and Distribution

Upon submit of a monitoring configuration a generated artifact would be assigned to the selected service/VFi.

Once the service is certified, the artifacts would be distributed to the SDC distribution client (details SDC Distribution model).

Blueprint (R2)

The monitoring configuration represented by a TOSCA service template together with the mS TOSCA models would be used as input to generate a cloudify blueprint.

The cloudify blueprint is consumed by DCAE to deploy the desired mS.

Supported browsers


Support status

  • Firefox
  • Chrome

Officially tested and supported

  • Internet Explorer (IE)
  • Safari

Not supported

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  1. Hi,

    Is there any demo video or sequence of steps provided to create a Monitoring template and attach  a blue print for it.

  2. Hi Yuriy Malakov, do you know if there is a video or sequence as udhaya chandran mentioned? would also be interested in seeing this, thanks!

  3. James Cuddy yes, the CDS community would be interested in the video/demo. The CDS and SDC integration would require a similar approach to SDC integration. 

    Ofir Sonsino is this something we can schedule for next week?