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  • Ramesh Jeyaraman, Jorge, Ravi, Joseph, Ali, Charles, Temoc,  Drew, Daniel and Saryu


Discussion items

  • Working on issue 45 and ONAP story

   AliStory 331 : Yesterday submitted the code changes and fixed the comments provided.
          : Working on Testing today.
  Charles Yesterday working on A&AI error and will be continuing today 
  Temoc Story 345 - Yesterday had issue connecting the Rackspace but started Junit Test with Drew 
  Drew Story 326 & 330 : Work in progress PDP-X GUARD 
  Daniel Story 341 : Work in progress 
  Saryu Story 335 : Have some issue and sent an email to Ravi for help. 
  Ravi Submitted the changes and pull request under review 

Action items