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High Level Description

There are the 3 elk containers in the log pod in kubernetes off the OOM deployment.  Currently all 3 ports are exposed, logstash, elasticsearch and kibana. We use Kubernetes 1.8 with Helm 2.8 charts via the OOM project deployment.  The ports are all mapped as node ports in the external 302xx namespace.  We use filebeat as a side car container for all the onap components to push logs to the logstash node port.

Logstash port mapping

port numbers are here - 5044

for example SDC filebeat config to log-ls on port 5044

the filebeat sidecar docker image for sdc-be

Logging configmap

Logging filebeat deployment spec

and the logback config

ELK stack in ONAP

Use Cases


Gliffy Diagram

Southbound APIs

Northbound APIs