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  • as As part of LFN CVP Anuket Certification Program, ONAP wants test platform where VNF packages could be certified using ONAP requirements to drive industry adoption
  • Provide an platform where vendor/operator can develop, deploy, run test cases and query the results
  • Test cases, test results and VNF should be manageable .i,e with authorization, so only user with given roles is allowed to perform operation like
    VNF package upload/download, run compliance verification tests, allow only specific VIM for specific users, etc.
  • Test results should be persisted and should be available for human analysis later via LFN infrastructure.
  • Provides test flow where author make flow across different test cases for a given program like compliance verification and  VNFREQS/SOL0004.
  • Provide integration with OPNFV dovetail to run test cases across dovetail and VNFSDK.
  • Deployable as docker container.