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Use Case

Using a Spring distributed cache to prevent watchdogs working on the same ADVISED cm handles during model sync, since we don't have an in-between state from ADVISED to READY.


Watchdog A wakes up, works on Cm-Handle-1 which has state of ADVISED and stores this in memory

Watchdog B wakes up, attempts to work on Cm-Handle-1, which still has a state of ADVISED, but is being worked on by Watchdog A, so this then moves on to Cm-Handle-2


Sr No.TypeExampleFeature
1EmbeddedCaffeine , Ehcache , Guava Library for Cache etcData is in memory. Not distributed among multiple instances. 
2Embedded DistributedHazelcastData is in memory and distributed across multiple instances.(Scalability of cache goes hand in hand with app instances)
3Client-Server TopologyHazelcast , Redis , Memcached , CoherenceSeparate cache cluster can be managed.
Client is our application and Server is the cache cluster.
4Cloud (Client-Server)Redis on AWS etc.Cluster managed by leading cloud provider

Issues and decisions


Questions/Open Issues



1#2 Embedded Distributed.We will be storing small amount of data( just the cmHandle id's ) and we don't need persistence of the data (once the application restarts the data will be gone)Start with a POC on #2 , also check any recommendation from ONAP.
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