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1If the query finds no matching CMHandle whe shall return an empty list (HTTP 200 – 'no cm handles')

Issues & Decisions

#IssueNotes Decision
1What type should be returned?Should we return objects(if yes which type?) or just the filtered IDs of objects/entities?List<String> (cmHandleIds) conform(cps-1136)
2Private/public or both fields should be queried?Based on the ticket's description only private fields should be queried but public fields were also considered
Team thinks only private is needed
Need to check with kieran mccarthy 
3What REST endpoint shall be created?Describe the endpoint(POST) : /ncmpInventory/v1/ch/searches
4What request body should be created?

The request body shall take multiple additional-properties. We will reuse the previous request

Difference: the inventory IF will have access to private properties (hasAllAdditionalProperties => only private props)
Request body
    "cmHandleQueryParameters": [
            "conditionName": "cmHandleWithDmiPlugin",
            "conditionParameters": [ {"dmiPluginName": "sampleName"} ]
            "conditionName": "hasAllProperties",
            "conditionParameters": [ {"Color": "yellow"} ]
             "conditionName": "hasAllAdditionalProperties",
             "conditionParameters": [ {"Color": "yellow"} ]
] }
5Will this make the previous endpoint redundant? (csp-1136)

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