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  • Mike Elliott config work -  OOM-460 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Mike presented to Arch subcommittee and the PTL coordinators meet on monday
    • Presentation of config separation - the large tarball in the config container
    • Give application teams access to the config - so we have 1 copy
    • Work with teams on what is the config and config mechanism
    • Q: Viswanath Kumar Skand Priya - we can have config ecosystems (dev/prod/stg) - yes
    • Will use helm directly instead of the sh/bash wrapper we currently use
    • Could use same doc like git symlink for config
    • Working with Linux Foundation to see if the above is possible - for now we keep the config in OOM and the teams own/modify/commit changes (sort of how AAI currently does) - need to discuss with app teams
    • Q: Hong Chen - onboarding template? good question - this is available via parameterization of the config
    • Q: CI/CD question - yes we can be used for CI and CD 
    • The intent of the env files that mike has shown - is to target a particular deployment (all the way from a component developer to a full prod deployment)
    • For the config question  (distributed vs centralized) - we will be centralized for now - future plan is to be distributed (pending change control maturity)
      • Agreement on centralized config for R2
      • When the distributed config change comes in  - will see after R2 - after discussing the ownership issues on the config

    • Q: communicate CD failure? using JobBuilder CD chain marking -1 on commit
    • Q: Injecting configuration? OOM is a platform - the component owners will need to validate config changes using the LF infrastructure CI/CD/Reporting
    • Q: Communicate LF work being done to support CD deployment per commit - todo
  • Music project integration with OOM - tasks Viswanath Kumar Skand Priya  - will be in next meeting agenda
  • Closing A* release
  • Discuss RBAC in Kubadm causing security issues - with the client certificate  OOM-645 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Page on analysis of persistence OOM Components Persistence - review
    • Raise on PTL meeting on monday
  • Hammering OOM system with Kube Monkey (AKA Netflix chaos monkey)
  • look at  OOM-556 - Getting issue details... STATUS  in context of logging and config


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  1.   Will look into Rook – the storage abstraction project new to the CNCF

        Hoping this can abstract over types like Ceph, EBS and NFS – as we had questions about these in the Multicloud meet