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I am on a last minute ONAP bilateral meeting from 9 - I may be late for this meeting

TODO: send out onap-discuss on split dublin/casablanca spec changes plans going forward - on "proposal" section below

send out mail on acumos/onap collaboration follow up -  before the 20th

send out mail on dublin scope before the 18th

send out meeting request on dublin scope meet for 4pm 24th 

Changes since last Meeting

  • Need to finish review of the 29 fields including the exception handling
    • #2 start communicating the spec so that all deployers can verify if their backend indexing/elasticsearch/kibana-dashboards and triggers are not broken
    • Feedback from anyone consuming log based changes back to this project via onap-discuss, mails, jiras is essential
    • There is a report of the new spec (29 fields) breaking existing systems
    • Need to validate backwards compatability - we should have branched from the March earlier change
    • Issue was spec was changing a bit late in the C cycle - should have branched around april/may
    • tentative plan
      • 36 acumos changes started coming in - get exact version ONAP Application Logging Specification v1.2 (Casablanca)
        • take 36 and release as casablanca release
        • extract v 36 as the casablanca wiki - sync with the c branch, create a new logback.xml that references the pre-v36 wiki format
        • take the existing - wiki - finish up changes for 29/30 and nop - mark as 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT - as 
          • markers/mdc - how to handle -  in or out in the casablanca release (need details on usage from acumos and ecomp)
          • 1 or 4 files for dublin (only)? - need a separate metrics log to pass internal testing - 
          • maintain 2 wiki/doc/logback.xml specs until at least the end of dublin - via the casablanca branch
  • Proposal
    • Casablanca
      • 4 files including metrics (error, debug, metrics, audit)
      • No MDCs and MARKERS - figure out pipe separation (acumos, ECOMP)
      • new logback.xml with 4 patterns
      • just check is older version of sl4j library ready for old format - likely not
      • need service provider level validation plugin? to verify format changes before ONAP is consumed/merged - production level support
    • Dublin
      • 1 (audit)
        • requires MDCs and MARKERS
      • logback.xml with 1 pattern
      • reference library slf4j 
      • need service provider level validation plugin? to verify format changes before ONAP is consumed/merged - production level support
  • Released 1.2.2 artifacts for RC0
    • LOG-715 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Finished 8 of 9 policy violations - mostly version changes and defer to oparent 1.2.1/1.2.2 -
  • Return to logback.xml common format - - not started testing yet
  • Casablanca scope - Logging Casablanca Scope
  • Dublin scope - book meeting - Logging Dublin Scope after next thu (TSC and Acumos) - tentative 16th - moved to 23rd at 4PM EDT
  • branched the logging-analytics repo
  • all poms are at 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT for dublin (master) - cherry pick as required back to casablanca branch
  • Our 29 field spec
    • send mail to onap-discuss announcing spec (but with pending RI, implementation - iterative adoption)
    • need to do readthedocs changes for the spec
    • rebase/(adjust-for-comments) the logback.xml example gerrit review
  • Giving up one of our https ports to SO - will move our 3 https to 304
  • Michael O'Brien busy until next Wed prepping environments for the 22nd ONAP academic conference at AT&T - presenting till the 23rd
  • Oct 22/23 - prep ONAP labs at TLAB  OPENLABS-356 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - provide help/present OOM installation/devops setup/dev  


Request from Acumos to upgrade from ELK 5.5/5.6 to 6.x - for syslog capture capability (CLAMP is at 6.1 there was a common poc using 6.3) - will retest ELK+Filebeat under 6.3 images

  • LOG-746 - Getting issue details... STATUS


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