The following items are expected to be completed for the use case to Pass the M3 API Freeze Milestone.

M3 Release Architecture Milestone overview is available in wiki.

CheckpointList by each relevant projectEvidencesHow to?
List of not supported/wrongly supported etc. APIs along with the corresponding project name

In case some parts of use case/functional requirement implementation are broken, this will raise the flag

Link to the API Documentation.
New APIs
InterfaceAPI DocJIRA
BSS ↔ External API

External API Doc

New API: BBS Portal - Ext API Designv1.pptx

EXTAPI-98 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Policy → SDN-C

GenericResource API Doc

SO-1578 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SDNC-695 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DCAE RESTCONF Collector ← Domain Specific SDN M&Cdcaegen2/collectors/restconf DCAEGEN2-1055 - Getting issue details... STATUS

See interface description in BBS Broadband Service Use Case (Dublin)#FullSystemContextbbs-system-context

Additional information

This field is optional, will be filled in in case use case/functional requirements owner believes it can bring more clarity