Common Task

Note: Any HIGHEST and HIGH task from below will be mandated in Frankfurt release if not covered during El-Alto.

  Items striked out are marked out of scope of El-Alto (will be tracked for Frankfurt)

  1. Security (HIGHEST)
    1. CBS HTTPS support (DCAEGEN2-1515)COMMITTED
      1. CBS expose both secure/insecure + AAF cert (DCAEGEN2-1549)
      2. Deployment update (DCAEGEN2-1550)
      3. SDK impact (java- DCAEGEN2-1552 / python - DCAEGEN2-1551)
    2. InventoryAPI (enable HTTPS) - DCAEGEN2-913COMMITTED
      1. DeploymentHandler→InventoryAPI (DCAEGEN2-905)
      2. Dashboard (DCAEGEN2-1591)
      3. ServiceChangeHandler (DCAEGEN2-1597)
      4. Clamp
    3. Cloudify Interfaces DCAEGEN2-1516DCAEGEN2-909   COMMITTED
      1. Bootstrap pod update (DCAEGEN2-1586)
        1. Service components RTD/doc updates for deployment using cfy/dashboard required
      2. DeploymentHandler interface (DCAEGEN2-908)
      3. Dashboard interface (DCAEGEN2-1590)
    1. Non-root container  (DCAEGEN2-1220) - Best Practices COMMITTED
      1. Cloudify (To be handled part of Cloudify 5.0 equivalent community version update)
        1. Platform
          1. CBS (DCAEGEN2-1553)
          2. Inventory (DCAEGEN2-1554)
          3. ServiceChangehandler (DCAEGEN2-1555)
          4. Dashboard (DCAEGEN2-1556)
          5. PolicyHandler, Deployment-Handler (complaint)
        2. Services
          1. HV-VES (DCAEGEN2-1557)
          2. PRH (DCAEGEN2-1558)
          3. TCA (DCAEGEN2-1559)
          4. VES (DCAEGEN2-1560)
          5. RESTConf (DCAEGEN2-1561)
    2. Security Vulnerability (review Dublin exception list and close) PARTIAL COMMIT
      1. Need to be assessed for all Service components (question) 
    3. Component defaults must be TLS enabled
    4. Dmaap flows  (covered under DCAEGEN2-1517)
    1. CBS - OJSI-195
    2. TCA - OJSI-161
    3. DataFile (OJSI-28, OJSI-109, OJSI-131)
    4. VES Collector (OSJI-116, OJSI-30)
    5. REDIS DB - OJSI-187
    6. Dashboard - OJSI-159
  3. CIA (MEDIUM) - Container Image Minimization Guidelines  (DCAEGEN2-1562)PARTIAL COMMIT
    1. Cloudify - CentOS (exempted as dependent on 3rd party s/w)
    2. Platform components
      1. Deployment-handler (DCAEGEN2-1563)
      3. Inventory (DCAEGEN2-1565)
      4. SCH (DCAEGEN2-1566)
      5. Policy-Handler (DCAEGEN2-1567)
      6. Dashboard - DCAEGEN2-1638
    3. Service components
      1. VESCollector (DCAEGEN2-1568)
      2. VESMapper (DCAEGEN2-1569)COMMITTED
      3. HV-VES ( - OKAY, as no corresponding alpine available
      4. TCA (exempted as dependent on 3rd party s/w) 
      5. Heartbeat (DCAEGEN2-1571)
      6. SNMPTRAP (DCAEGEN2-1570)
      7. SON-handler (DCAEGEN2-1572)COMMITTED
      8. BBS-Eventprocesor, - OKAY  
      9. PM-Mapper - OK
      10. RESTConf (DCAEGEN2-1573) COMMITTED
      11. PRH - OK,
      12. DFC- OK.
  4.  S3P
    1. Documentation (Usability)
      1. user-guide for DCAE Platform/services
    2. Performance test/bench-marking (such as response time, transaction/message rate, latency, footprint, etc. to be defined on per component) (HIGH) (DCAEGEN2-1574) COMMITTED
      1. VEScollector (DCAEGEN2-608)
      2. HV-VES(DCAGEN2-1576)
      3. DFC (DCAEGEN2-1575)
      4. PM-Mapper (DCAEGEN2-1577)
    3. Application logging consistency (Manageability)
      1. Platform - InventoryAPI, ServiceChangeHandler , rest may be complaint (to be verified)  
    4. API Standardization (Usability)
  5. Jenkins job alignment (moving to common template)  (HIGHEST) - DCAEGEN2-1578COMMITTED
    1. Moving toward global-jjb for all platform components
    2. Moving toward global-jjb for all service components
  6. CSIT alignment (MEDIUM)
    1. Platform CSIT (add blueprint into inventory, kick-off deployment through DH) (DCAEGEN2-596)
  7. Blueprint generator/Dmaap plugin integration (Topic standardization – pre-requisite) - DCAEGEN2-1517 (HIGHEST) COMMITTED
    1. Enhance blueprint generator tool from Dublin to use Dmaap plugin and generated blueprint with associated properties by default (DCAEGEN2-1518)
    2. Deploy components (DFC - DCAEGEN2-1580, PM-Mapper - DCAEGEN2-1581 for E release) using new blueprint and validate dynamic topic/feed provisioning and configuration into services
  8. AAF integration
    1. Dynamic certificate generation - Dependent on Dublin AAF work; to be checked with Jonathan (question) (DCAEGEN2-917)
  9. SDK library integration (Except PRH/HV-VES) (MEDIUM)
    1. For service components
      1. DFC using new CBS version
  10. Policy Integration for dynamic components (2 or 3 services for E release) (HIGH) - DCAEGEN2-1152 (SDC),
    1. Control Loop flow onboarding/integration (DCAEGEN2-1582) – SDC/CLAMP/Policy for service components (SDC-2100) PENDING CONFIRMATION
      1. BBS-EventProcessor - DCAEGEN2-1583
      2. VES-mapper - DCAEGEN2-1585
      3. RESTConf DCAEGEN2-1584) COMMITTED
      4. PM-Mapper (DCAEGEN2-1605) COMMITTED
      5. DFC (DCAEGEN2-1606) COMMITTED
        1. No policy model; blocked by CLAMP-466; will be deferred to Frankfurt
  11. CBS Look up change (remove consul dependency in lookup) (MEDIUM)
    1. Library update required (python and java)
      1. java SDK -  DCAEGEN2-1521 COMMITTED
      2. Python - DCAEGEN2-1537COMMITTED
    2. Non SDK utilized components to be updated (VESCollector, RESTConf + )
    3. Platform components to be verified (Deployment Handler (uses consul), PH, Policy/K8s/Postgres/Dmaap Plugins avoid non-discovery) (question) 
  12. Docker build and tagging consistency (HIGH) (DCAEGEN2-1579)PARTIAL COMMIT
  13. DCAE plugin (k8splugin) compatibility in nexus (DCAEGEN2-1520 (HIGHEST)COMMITTED
  14. Helm chart migration (Dashboard)  DCAEGEN2-1318 (MEDIUM)COMMITTED
  15. Python 3.7 support (Cloudify, plugins + other dcae platform component; relates to DOC-419)  - DCAEGEN2-1519 (HIGHEST)
    1. Convert our code to be compatible with Python 3.x. (For example, using “import future” and making certain that loops work on iterators instead of lists when the API calls return iterators in 3.x.)
      1. Cloudify confirmed 3.7; need centos version.
    2. Set up our plugin tox tests so that they are executed with both Python 2.7 AND Python 3.x.
      1. Upgrade all plugins (k8splugin/dmaap/policyplugin/relationship/postgres/helm) to support both 2.x and 3.7
        1. Cloudify - DCAEGEN2-1546 (Deferred to next release due to Cloudify dependency)
        2. Plugins - DCAEGEN2-1547PARTIAL COMMIT
        3. Policy Lib (Utils)  - DCAEGEN2-1548
      2. Verify all other platform components (CBS, PH, SNMP trap, Heartbeat) - All supports 3.x
  16. Upgrade to new Cloudify version expected in June (compatible to 5.0) (MEDIUM)
    1. Migrate if single base image (question)  if multiple containers - will be assessed later.
    1. Finish DMaaP client (stabilize API, add support for DR) DCAEGEN2-1421 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    2. Refactor current AAI client to reflect overall SDK "look&feel"
    3. Extract monitoring API from HV-VES (KPI monitoring in Prometheus format + healthchecks)
    4. Write HV-VES events consumer client (question)
  18. Migrate to Java 11 (or 12?). The main reason is that Java 9+ properly identifies available memory and CPU cores inside Docker. Prior to Java 9 additional JVM options shall be set. Another benefit is that developers would gain few more language features. Also sooner or later we will need to migrate to new Java and having ElAlto a "maintentance" release it may be the perfect time. The main obstacle may be Java modularity, but in the beginning we shall be able to use old classpath instead of modulepath when running our applications.
    1. Java 11 migration (MEDIUM)
    2. All java apps should be at minimum on java 8
  19. ONAP Release upgrade feature for DCAE (Platform)   (MEDIUM)
  20. Deployment support for stateful set (Platform + BP-gen) (MEDIUM)
    1. Cloudify blueprint should support the Statefulset deployment for multi replica set (scaling)
  21. Platform support for Kafka topic provisioning/distribution  (HIGH) - DCAEGEN2-1179


  1. Control Loop flow onboarding/integration – SDC/CLAMP/Policy  - (MEDIUM)COMMITTED (DCAEGEN2-1605)
  2. VES Onboarding yaml registration binding with PM-Mapper configuration  - (LOW) SDC/DCAE-DS item
  3. VES o/p from PM-Mapper feeding into analytics services (LOW)
  4. Dmaap Plugin integration - DCAEGEN2-1581 (HIGHEST)COMMITTED DCAEGEN2-1581 


  1. AAI interaction to use new DCAE SDK (1.1.5). Also A&AI calls use v14 of A&AI. Version should be upgraded (and perhaps externalized as a configuration parameter) (LOW)
  2. Control Loop flow onboarding/integration – SDC/CLAMP/Policy  (HIGHEST)
  3. PNF re-registration event handling should not involve BBS-ep (update of AAI service status) to be moved into SO (HIGH)
  4. Move PRH -> BBS-EP notification structure to VES (This will not be required if #3 is accomplished) (LOW)
  5. Switch to AAF based topic  (MEDIUM)
  6. Stress testing with replicas (MEDIUM)
  7. Support event filtering from generic topic (currently using cpe_authentication topic instead of statechange) (HIGH)
  8. ci job change to use override DONE


  1. Tool translate/simplify smooks mapping from SDC model (HIGH)
  2. Control Loop flow onboarding/integration – SDC/CLAMP/Policy (HIGH)
  3. Consul update (via SDK library) to support periodic polling (HIGHEST) COMMITTED


  1. Support MS scaling (HIGH)
  2. CBS SDK integration for periodic polling (HIGHEST) DCAEGEN2-1642COMMITTED

Heartbeat Service

  1. Control Loop flow onboarding/integration – SDC/CLAMP/Policy  (LOW)
  2. Logging Standardization (LOW)
  3. AAF integration (MEDIUM)

RESTConf Collector

  1. Control Loop flow onboarding/integration – SDC/CLAMP/Policy  (HIGH) COMMITTED
  2. Multiple controller/truststore - AAF integration (HIGH)
  3. Scaling support to be worked (requires single interface to external controller) - k8s plugin enhancement required (HIGH)


  1. Api Standardization (HIGH) COMMITTED
  2. Backlogs Jira/bugs ( DCAEGEN2-517 - Getting issue details... STATUS (HIGH)
  3. Optmization/bug fixes (HIGHEST)
    1.  - Possible order issue. COMMITTED

    2. - Set dynamic partition key PENDING CONFIRMATION

    3. DCAEGEN2-1541 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - Basic auth issue
    4. DCAEGEN2-1594 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - VESCollector Healtcheck support on certOnly mode
    5. Optimize VES schema load (retain in-memory than loading file each time) (DCAEGEN2-1774)
  4. Performance baseline VEScollector (DCAEGEN2-608)


Improved error handling and support necessary validation (HIGH)

Enable Dashboard for HTTPS (MEDIUM) - DCAEGEN2-1592 COMMITTED  (OJSI-159 - Dashboard Support https (init container change required))

Dashboard Gui having old license CCSDK-1485 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DCAEGEN2-1591  -  InventoryAPI interface;  container config to be updated

DCAEGEN2-1590   - Cloudify Interfaces (blueprint config)

DCAEGEN2-1556  - Docker build changes

Helm Plugin

  • Support Tiller clusterIP/port as option instead of nodeport alone for tiller. (HIGHEST)
  • Support deployment on existing names spaces (HIGHEST) COMMITTED (DCAEGEN2-1639)
  • Logging enhancements (deployment errors if any to be captured also)(HIGH)PENDING CONFIRMATION (DCAEGEN2-1640)
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