Vote(s)/Action(s) in progress: 


  TSC 2020-12-03

  • TSC approved the sign-off of the ONAP Guilin release, including all preceding milestones, with the following contingencies
    • waivers for so and so-vnfm-adapter non-ssl node ports
    • the delivery of the architecture documentation by  
    • the delivery of the release notes finalized by 

  TSC approved the removal of POMBA in OOM Helm charts

 TSC 2020-12-10

  • TSC approved that Projects perform Self-Release for the Guilin Maintenance
  • TSC approved the Honolulu release plan as per the November 20th draft, with adjusting M1 to occur on Jan 11 
  • TSC agreed that the 5 best practices requirements presented by SECCOM today (i.e. REQ-437 - Getting issue details... STATUS , REQ-438 - Getting issue details... STATUS REQ-439 - Getting issue details... STATUS REQ-442 - Getting issue details... STATUS  & REQ-443 - Getting issue details... STATUS  ) become best practices on new containers for Honolulu.

 TSC 2020-12-17 #AGREED proceed with deprecation of Resources and Repositories (Deprecated) page as presented, leaving the current page in place with new pointers to the proper resources.

 TSC confirmed  Hui Deng and Andy Mayer as Modeling Co-Chairs and Pawel Pawlak and Amy Zwarico as Chair and Vice-Chair respectively of Seccom - Re: Modeling and Seccom Elections

 TSC approved new Committers: user-57227 (VNFSDK), Jinquan Ni (MSB)


 TSC approved to Disable jenkins jobs incl. SonarCloud, Daily CI + in OOM while keeping Helm Chart + document in RDT; repo not locked for the following projects in Frankfurt: Pomba, PNDA, other logging submodules and SNIRO Simulator

  TSC 2020-11-12

  • #AGREED TSC approves Rc1, Rc2 and Sign-Off as all occurring on Nov. 19th
  • #AGREED TSC meeting on Nov 26 will be cancelled due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S.


  • Guilin RC0 exceptions have been closed
  • TSC agreed that the release note will only focus on the Guilin USe Case, Functional and non functional requirements - Guilin Release Requirements + former use cases/functional reqs approved by the Integration Team? If an issue occurred on previous use cases/blue prints/functional reqs then we invite people to open a JIRA ticket against Guilin for assessment

 TSC approved our new SO committer: Ramesh Parthasarathy - #7290   (



  • TSC approved to cancel the TSC call on Oct 15th, 2020 (LFN DDF Fall Event) - #1853   (
  • TSC approved kickoff date for Honolulu is end of day Oct 16th, 2020 i.e. Global requirements (functional and non functional requirements) to be available for the TSC to be reviewed and prioritized
  • TSC agreed that the AAI project contributes a concurrency bugfix to the Frankfurt branch on a few AAI microservices 

 TSC approved Configuration & Persistency Service (C&PS) to be an independent project - #1868   (

 TSC approved all the projects passing their RC0 with the conditions that OOM, SO and MSB will complete their remaining tasks by Thursday Oct 22nd, 2020 + Guilin NF requirements Green/Yellow. Guilin NF Red are moved to Honolulu.

 TSC approved the use cases (REQ-347, REQ-345, REQ-342, REQ-325) and the following functional requirements (REQ-334, REQ318, REQ-319, REQ-321, REQ-322, REQ-327, REQ-352, REQ-324, REQ-331 and REQ-341) that they have met RC0 Criteria - #1881   (


  • TSC approved that all functional requirements with the exception of REQ-339 have successfully passed RC0
  • TSC approved RC0 is conditionally approved with the SO "war room" being in place until the issues are resolved.
  • TSC approved moving RC1 to Nov. 5 and release Sign off to Nov. 19.




  • TSC approves any requirement marked as "Green" as "GO" for M4


  • TSC approved projects that have completed their M4 tasks and exceptions for SO, VNFSDK, SDNC, AAI, MultiCloud and MSB to be completed by RC0 or earlier.
  • TSC approves the 2021 budget and priorities as set in LFN 2021 ONAP Project Inputs_V1.pdf, with the addition of the #info notes in the Zoom chat


  • TSC approves moving Guilin RC0 to Oct 12 and moving all remaining milestones by one week,with Sign-off will occur on Nov 12



  • TSC agreed that only GPL v3 should be removed from the containers for the Guilin Release, distributed by the ONAP Community
  • TSC approves any requirement marked as "Green" and "Yellow" as "GO" for M2/M3 
  • TSC approved CLAMP, SDNC/CCSDK, Holmes projects as successfully passing their M2/M3 milestones.





 TSC 2020-08-20

  • TSC approved to amend the Exception Process for waiver as follows: "A waiver request is submitted to the TSC using the approved template. Ask whether there are objections to a waiver. If any TSC member objects, then a review team will be formed and the current process followed".
  • TSC approved the Solution 2 proposal for Adding Committers to an existing project  i.e. TSC Post review of Committers.
  • TSC approved the promotion of Multicloud, SDNC & VFC to the Mature state


  •  TSC approved the release cadence proposal in principal with details and policy to be provided by the task force by Sept 17th
  •  TSC approved the existing Guilin release schedule, that was approved on June 24th, remains in place.


TSC reviewed and prioritized REQ-339, REQ-385 as RANK #3 (PTL GO/NO GO)

 TSC reviewed and prioritized REQ-345 as RANK #3 (PTL GO/NO GO)

 TSC reviewed and prioritized REQ-386 as RANK #0 (Special GO)

 TSC reviewed and prioritized REQ 335-338 as RANK #3 (PTL GO/NO GO)

 TSC reviewed and prioritized REQ329 – NO GO (RANK #4) but highly recommended to kick-off the activities as a POC

 TSC approved our new Multi-Cloud Committer - Eric Multanen

  • TSC approved that the following projects are under maintenance AAF, Logging/Pomba, Music, APPC and AAI/ESR
  • TSC agreed that the Guilin M1 will be pushed out to July 13 @ PTL meeting

  • TSC approved SDC Committer's promotions - Christophe Closset, Xue Gao, Sebastien Determe and Julien Bertozzi -
  • TSC approved the creation of a new repository ccsdk/oran  for ORAN related work in CCSDK –
  • TSC approved AAI, CLAMP, CCSDK, CLI, DCAE, DMaaP, DOC, ExternalAPI, Holmes, Integration, Modeling, Mutli-Cloud, MSB, SDNC, OOM, OOF, POLICY, PORTAL, SDC, SO, UUI, VNFREQS, VVP, VFC, VID, VNFSDK asd passing the M1 milestone for the Guilin release
  • TSC approved Guilin Usecases and Functional requirements marked as GREEN except REQ335-338.



  • TSC approved the re-election of Magnus Buhrgard as our ONAP Network Management Technical Community Coordinator -
  • TSC approved PTL Toolchain Improvements - Short Term Path -
  • TSC approved that permissive and weak copyleft licenses can be part of ONAP containers -
  • TSC approved the new Policy Committer - Ajith Sreekumar
  • TSC approved during the TSC Call - TSC 2020-07-23
    • The changes to the TCC positions; Removal of Infrastructure Coordinator, align 5G and Edge to the Requirements Subcommittee, Cloud Native to the CNF Taskforce, and AI/ML to the Control-loop subcommittee.
    • TSC approved Option 1 concerning Non Functional Requirements i.e. Approve all the non functional requirements for M1 so the project teams can try to improve during the Guilin timeframe until M4 (Code Freeze)
    • TSC approved M1 Guilin Milestone including REQ335-338
    • TSC approved with the recommended promotion of AAI, CCSDK, DCAE, DMaaP, ExtAPI, Modeling, OOF, Policy, SDC, SO & UUI from the "Incubation" to "Mature" project state.
    • TSC agreed with the recommendation that the following projects have not met the criteria for promotion at this time: CLAMP, CLI, Holmes, Portal & VVP

  • TSC agreed that there will be a vote on the Strong Copyleft licenses in containers at next week's TSC meeting 


 TSC approved the following priorities #1 Completion of Frankfurt and #2 Kick-off Guilin release, does the TSC approve an El-Alto Maintenance release just after Frankfurt Sign-Off TSC 2020-06-04

TSC approved to cancel the TSC Call on June 25th, 2020 (LFN Event/Public Holiday in China) -

TSC approved the Logging Project Path Forward Proposal (v6) -

TSC approved the initial 'TSC MUST HAVE' Non-Functional requirements for the Guilin Release -

TSC approved our new AAI Committer - William Reehil

TSC approved the creation of a new repository for the Integration Team (robot-utils) -

 TSC 2020-06-11

  • Resolved: That the TSC approves for the Frankfurt release, as exceptions to the Intellectual Property Policy in the ONAP charter, the non-Project Licenses described in the license scan report attached to the email distributed to the TSC on May 28, 2020; excluding the exceptions described as not requested or required in the attached report.
  • #AGREED: the TSC signs-off on the Frankfurt release based on the following conditions
    #1 Feedback from PTLs about new issues CCSDK-2425, CCSDK-2399 and Policy-2631 by June 12th EOD - work around on top of RC2 dockers and/or new patch post-Frankfurt Self-Release
    #2 UseCase/Functional reqs owners to confirm by Monday June 15th that they maintain their requirements or not, accepting the risk that final regression on RC2 dockers will continue after the sign-off

 TSC 2020-06-18 #AGREED anybody can build a POC. It is always appropriate to share the intent of the PoC with the TSC  early to facilitate inclusion in a future release.  

  • What's important is to follow the guidelines to prevent breaking what has already been committed to that release. 
  • A PoC should not be incorporated into the CURRENT release. Approval for an inclusion exception from the TSC is required if a PoC decides they want to be converted to be CURRENT release content
  • There is no deadline to list a PoC into the release requirements page ( Guilin Release Requirements cited as an example)
  • PoCs cannot generate any regression issues.
  • Successful PoCs from a PREVIOUS release require a commitment of resources and integration team review if requesting incorporation into the CURRENT release.

TSC finalized the prioritization for the Guilin Release scope -


TSC approved to cancel the TSC call on May 21st, 2020 (Ascension Day) -

TSC approved the ONAP Guilin Release - Initial Phases -

TSC approved Frankfurt RC1 milestone -

TSC approved our new Integration Committer Paweł Wieczorek

TSC approved our new Integration Committer Andreas Geissler -

TSC approved our new Integration Committer - Krzysztof Kuzmicki

TSC approved our new VNFRQTS Committer Junfeng Wang

TSC approved the proposed replies to 3GPP Liaison Statements addressed to ONAP -

New Frankfurt RC2 date, May 26th, has been approved by the TSC -

 TSC 2020-05-14

  • The TSC approved of proceeding with using El Alto containers for ESR for the Frankfurt release only and granting a waiver for the security issues (option #1 from Jimmy’s email) in case of the non-root pod can't be solved by May 18th EOD. If it is can not be solved by May 19th morning then the TSC approves option #1 with the conditions that ESR cross-components impact will be identified and fixed prior as a maintenance patch on top of Frankfurt release".

TSC approved the recommendations from the Infrastructure Coordinator about the promotion of Rupinderjeet Singh as APPC committer -

 TSC 2020-05-28 TSC agreed to descope "Document current component upgrade strategy" from Frankfurt AND Descope CII Badging requirement from Frankfurt AND combine the RC2 and Sign-off milestones


  TSC 2020-04-09

  • TSC approved the tasks and prioritization for the Documentation S0W -
  • TSC approved to cancel the TSC Call on 4/23 due to the LFN Virtual Event
  • TSC approved Control Loop Sub Committee's request: creation of a repo for storing some common code for prototyping potential Guilin release requirements. 

  TSC 2020-04-16

  • TSC approved to Disable jenkins jobs incl. SonarCloud, Daily CI + in OOM while keeping Helm Chart + document in RDT; repo not locked for the following projects in Frankfurt: Pomba, PNDA, other logging submodules and SNIRO Simulator
  • TSC did not approve CLI project to be added to the Frankfurt release
  • TSC approved Frrankfurt RC0 (Pair-Wise testing completion) with conditions. David McBride  confirmed that remaining conditions have been met on 4/17 -

TSC approved the OOM request about a new repository for readiness check container -

TSC approved our new VNFSDK Committer Bogumil Zebek


TSC confirmed Olivier Phénix as the replacement for the reserved seat vacated Alexis de Talhouët
Requirements, Use Cases [ marked as ] GREEN [ in Frankfurt Release Requirements  ] Approved by TSC [  (applies to v552 ) ]  TSC 2020-03-05

  TSC agreed that the following projects have successfully completed the requirements for Frankfurt M4:  CLAMP, ExtAPI, Modeling, Policy, VID, VVP, VNFReqs

  TSC confirmed Dong Wang  as the replacement for the reserved seat vacated by Huang ZongHe

 TSC 2020-03-12

  • TSC approved of the following projects for Frankfurt M4: AAI, DCAE, SDNC, VFC, SO, MultiCloud 
  • TSC approved the following requirements  REQ-140 IN PROGRESS REQ-37 IN PROGRESS REQ-150 IN PROGRESS ,  REQ-84 IN PROGRESS REQ-118 IN PROGRESS REQ-129 IN PROGRESS REQ-76 IN PROGRESS REQ-174 IN PROGRESS REQ-215 TO DO REQ-219 IN PROGRESS  &  REQ-227 IN PROGRESS  as documented in v572 of the Frankfurt Release Requirements.   
  • TSC approved on 3/12/2020 the following SECCOM/PTL requests for the Frankfurt release: Best effort on OJSI tickets for Frankfurt, except for REQ-231 is mandatory with some exceptions

o Projects not participating in Frankfurt
o Projects impacted by AAF
o Non-ONAP components
o Additional exceptions considered on a case-by-case basis

  TSC approved the “ONAP Automation Testing - Portal/SDC” and the “ONAP Security Requirements – SDC” [ intern ] projects to be part of the 2020 Mentorship Program

  TSC 2020-03-19

  • TSC approved granting a waiver for the Portal project for  REQ-64 - Getting issue details... STATUS for the Frankfurt release
  • TSC agreed to the following- 1) list from SECCOM, [ owned by SECCOM ]  2) plan forward, [ owned by Release Manager ] 3) resume project review "MVP", [ owned by Chaker Al-Hakim & Jason Hunt ]  4) ensure that all issues are OK by RC0. [ evaluation owned by the Integration team ]
  • TSC agreed new repository creation request for the bbs use case

  TSC 2020-03-26

  • Frankfurt Release – M4 Code Freeze was successfully completed after the approval by the TSC of the remaining projects and requirements:
    • TSC approved the following projects for M4:  APPC, CCSDK, Integration, MSB, OOF, OOM, SDC, UUI, VNFSDK, PORTAL, MUSIC, AAF 
    • TSC approved the following requirements for M4: REQ-267 - Getting issue details... STATUS REQ-223 - Getting issue details... STATUS REQ-231 - Getting issue details... STATUS REQ-235 - Getting issue details... STATUS REQ-239 - Getting issue details... STATUS  & Document current upgrade strategy 
    • TSC descoped REQ-64 - Getting issue details... STATUS  from the Frankfurt release and waiving   OJSI-190 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and requires the vulnerability to be published in the release notes.
  • TSC agreed that  PORTAL-849 - Getting issue details... STATUS  is a blocker for the Frankfurt release
  • TSC approved moving the RC0 date to April 2nd 
  • TSC approved both repos are approved pnf-simulator and mdons use case 
  • TSC approved archiving the doc/tools repo


  TSC 2020-02-06

  • TSC approved the response to the 3 requests from 3GPP as outlined on slide 3 of the "TCC Generic Network Management_Prague_3GPP SA5_LS.pdf" deck as attached to these minutes.
  • TSC approved that the following requirements REQ-140 - Getting issue details... STATUS , REQ-134 - Getting issue details... STATUS , REQ-76 - Getting issue details... STATUS , REQ-174 - Getting issue details... STATUS and "Modeling: documentation of allotted resource model" as being in the Frankfurt release.
  • TSC descoped REQ-136 - Getting issue details... STATUS from the Frankfurt release.
  • TSC approved all projects that have met Frankfurt M2/M3 milestone requirements since last week.
  • TSC approved SonarCube decommission on Feb 20

TSC approved our new OOM Committer Krzysztof Opasiak

  •  TSC agreed that REQ-235 - Password removal from OOM HELM charts In Progress REQ-227 - Complete the OJSI backlog In Progress  are approved for Frankfurt
  •  TSC agreed that REQ-263 - Perform Software Composition Analysis - Vulnerability tables Done REQ-247 - Coverity integration In Progress  descoped from Frankfurt

 The TSC confirmed Fernando Oliveira as the replacement for the reserved seat vacated by Viswanath Kumar Skand Priya

 The TSC agreed that Frankfurt Release – M2/M3 milestone was successfully completed

 The TSC approved the proposed exception process &

 The TSC approved the ReadTheDocs versus Wiki usage policy

 TSC 2020-02-27 

  • TSC approved that code coverage criteria for M4 is removed AND migration to SonarCloud must be completed by RC0 and the test coverage value should be at 55%
  • The TSC stipulate that migration to Portal SDK 2.6 (by any impacted projects) is a pre-requisite for meeting the M4 milestone delivery for the Frankfurt release 
  • TSC agreed to use the proposed updates from @Lingli for the LF Board update


 TSC approved the Committer's' promotion (VVP, VNFSDK): Trevor Lovett

 Emergency AAF Committer Promotions of Pawel Baniewski , Gerard Nugent , John Franey timebound to the Frankfurt release

 Consensus that AAF dependencies should be deprecated in the Guilin or Honolulu releases, but any formal discussion on this topic was tabled for a future TSC meeting.

 Renaming of the “Usecase Subcommittee” to be the “Requirements Subcommittee”

 cancel/maintain the TSC call on January 23rd, 2020 (lunar new year)

  TSC 2020-01-30

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