• Migrate PNF PNP workflow to Building Blocks (BBs/GR_API).
  • Include newly created BBs in Service-Macro-Create flow.
  • Leave legacy implementation using VNF_API intact.

By PNF PNP workflow we understand 2 BPMNs:

  • CreateAndActivatePnfResource
  • ConfigurePnfResource

Both included in CreateVcpeResCustService_simplified BPMN


SO-2556 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SO-2785 - Getting issue details... STATUS

VID-693 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Involved parties

  • Lukasz Grech, Damian Nowak - PNF PNP workflow migration to BBs
  • Oskar Malm - ConfigurePnfResource.bpmn (previous, non-BB implementation)
  • Henry Xie - SO-CDS integration, new API for calling CDS from SO
  • Yuriy Malakov - CDS, SO-CDS integration
  • Rahul Tyagi - PNF SW upgrade, SO-CDS integration

Proposed building blocks

PNF PnP as Building Blocks


  • Responsibility:
    • Creates PNF entry in AAI (with PNF name chosen by user)
    • Additionally stores PNF model-related parameters in AAI ( SO-2640 - Getting issue details... STATUS ):
      • model-customization-id
      • model-invariant-id
      • model-version-id
    • Makes a link in AAI between Service entry and PNF entry
    • Sets PNF orchestration status in AAI to Assigned
  • Currently implemented in CreateAndActivatePnfResource.bpmn


  • Responsibility:
    • Waits for "PNF ready" event sent from PRH to DMaaP
      • pnfCorrelationId from the event must match PNF instance name provided by the user during service instantiation
    • Sets PNF orchestration status in AAI to:
      • Register - when starting to wait for PNF ready event
      • Registered - when PNF ready event is successfully received
  • Currently implemented in CreateAndActivatePnfResource.bpmn

Support for config assign (ControllerExecutionBB, action: configAssign)

SO-2646 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Responsibility:
    • Runs config assign via CDS
  • Currently implemented in ConfigurePnfResource.bpmn
  • We will reuse generic BPMN for calling CDS (ControllerExecutionBB)
  • Things to consider:
    • SkipPostInstantiationConfiguration should be taken into account

Support for config deploy (ControllerExecutionBB, action: configDeploy)

SO-2647 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Responsibility:
    • Runs config deploy via CDS
  • Currently implemented in ConfigurePnfResource.bpmn
  • We will reuse generic BPMN for calling CDS (ControllerExecutionBB)
  • Things to consider:
    • SkipPostInstantiationConfiguration should be taken into account


  • Responsibility:
    • Sets PNF orchestration status in AAI as Active

Sequence in Service-Macro-Create flow

  1. AssignServiceInstanceBB
  2. CreateNetworkCollectionBB
  3. AssignNetworkBB
  4. AssignVnfBB
  5. AssignVolumeGroupBB
  6. AssignVfModuleBB
  7. AssignPnfBB
  8. WaitForPnfReadyBB
  9. ControllerExecutionBB (action: configAssign, scope: pnf)
  10. ControllerExecutionBB (action: configDeploy, scope: pnf)
  11. ActivatePnfBB
  12. ConfigAssignVnfBB
  13. CreateNetworkBB
  14. ActivateNetworkBB
  15. CreateVolumeGroupBB
  16. ActivateVolumeGroupBB
  17. CreateVfModuleBB
  18. ActivateVfModuleBB
  19. ConfigDeployVnfBB
  20. ActivateVnfBB
  21. ActivateNetworkCollectionBB
  22. ActivateServiceInstanceBB

SO - required changes

API handler


SO API currently doesn't allow to send PNF information in user data section. 

Here's the proposed request which includes PNFs:

            "suppressRollback": False,
            "aLaCarte": False,

Building Block framework

Service decomposition (Retrieve BB Execution List)

  • PNFs should be recognized in service model and proper BBs should be assigned for execution.

GeneralBuildingBlock initialization (BB Input Setup)

  • PNF resources should be properly initialized in GeneralBuildingBlock→ServiceInstance

Generic controller BB working with PNFs

PNF PNP workflow integration with CDS

PNF PNP workflow integration with CDS

VID - required changes

VID-693 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Updates for service macro instantiation:

  • "unlock" modern UI when for PNFs
  • allow to assign PNF instance name (will be used instead of pnfCorrelationId)
  • ensure that proper request is sent to SO

Other considerations

  • Are all required PNF parameters included in GeneralBuildingBlock->ServiceInstance→Pnf? 
    • Currently those are:
      • pnf-id
      • pnf-name
      • role
      • orchestration-status
      • cloud-region
    • Currently AAI schema (aai_schema_v19.xsd) for PNF contains: 
      • Fields: pnf-name, pnf-name2, selflink, pnf-name2-source, pnf-id, equip-type, equip-vendor, equip-model, management-option, orchestration-status, ipaddress-v4-oam, sw-version, in-maint, frame-id, serial-number, ipaddress-v4-loopback-0, ipaddress-v6-loopback-0, ipaddress-v4-aim, ipaddress-v6-aim, ipaddress-v6-oam, inv-status, resource-version, prov-status, nf-role, admin-status, operational-status, model-customization-id, model-invariant-id, model-version-id (from SO cataloge), pnf-ipv4-address, pnf-ipv6-address
      • Sub-structures: software-versions, relationship-list, p-interfaces, lag-interfaces, vrfs
    • (warning) BBInputSetup implementation does not mention PNF at all - is it even initialized in GeneralBuildingBlock?
    • PNF ip is resolved by CDS by PNF ID (it should be in AAI) - it's populated by PRH
  • How to include new BBs in Service-Macro-Create flow?
    • Service decomposition in WorkflowActionBB may not unserstand PNFs (Retrieve BB Execution List)
    • Service decomposition should handle SkipPostInstantiationConfiguration
  • PNF orchestration status changes in AAI - which states should be assigned in which steps of the workflow
  • PNF SW upgrade (Oskar Malm)
    • PNF should be active - PNP is finished
    • new Upgrade flow will be created (BBs vs traditional considered)
  • 5G NRM Configuration - plan for new BB which invokes configuration via CDS of NRM resource(?) (Yaoguang Wang, see https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/SO+Weekly+Meeting+2019-12-4)
  • Make new BBs generic enough that they could be reused in other flows (request from Seshu)
  • Service-Macro-Delete
    • Should we delete PNF resource from AAI on service deletion?
      • We plan to leave it. What orchestration status should it get? Inactive?
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