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REQ-351 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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DMAAP components DMAAP-BC and DMAAP-DR have been already upgraded to Java 11 in Frankfurt, but are using images based on Debian. There is not enough time or resources to now update those components to use the Alpine based Java11 image that was recently released by the Integration team. Requesting a waiver for these two components to stay on the Debian based images for Guilin.

The third component DMAAP-MR uses Confluent Community based images today for Kafka and Zookeeper that have GPL V3 licenses in them. To make these images GPL V3 free is going to need complete revamping of the images from scratch and not depend on Confluent images. There is not enough resourcing available to work on this and hence we may not be able to finish this up on time for Guilin. Requesting waiver for DMAAP-MR to stay on Java 8 for Guilin.

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Recovery planWith the resources available we are trying our best to address this requirement, but are doubtful we will meet the M4. We will continue the effort into Honolulu and target Honolulu for this Java 11 upgrade.
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The risk is not to be able use the Integration team suggested Alpine images for BC and DR components, and not being able to meet the Java 11 upgrade requirement for MR for this release. There will be no problem running the containers in their current state. We are targeting this upgrade to be completed in Honolulu.