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Key Highlights (1 Pager): ONAP Istanbul Oct-2021 Updates_V5

This page provides a summary of project-by-project release updates. The table shows the list of approved projects

ProjectKey UpdatesBenefits
Functional Updates
* Model updates as part of CCVPN Transport Slicing Feature
* Model updates as part of Smart Intent Guarantee based on IBN Feature
* Model updates as part of CNF Orchestration Feature
Non-functional Updates
* Sonar & Security updates
* Rolling upgrade functionality option
* Micrometer integration option
* Prometheus monitoring integration option
  • Security enhancements (95 security hotspots addressed)
  • Code quality enhancements
  • Monitoring suite options
  • Enhanced CNF, CCVPN, and Smart Intent features

APPC Not part of the release Not part of the release

This project is now merged with Policy  - See  REQ-684 - Merge CLAMP functionality into Policy Framework project IN PROGRESS

 Not part of the release (Merged into Policy)

  • Security enhancements
  • OpenDaylight major release upgrade (Silicon)
  • Enhancements to CCVPN, Network Slicing, and ONAP A1 Interface
  • CPS-NCMP can now synchronize NF Models using SDN-C
  • CPS-NCMP can now read an write data on Synchronized nodes using passthrough datastores
  • CPS Temporal can now track changes in any CPS manage dataspace

See REQ-717 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Allows any ONAP component to access (read & write) NFs
  • Executing time based queries to help troubleshooting CM issues

    - All DCAE microservices migration to helm was completed in Istanbul release. Since Honolulu, 13 additional MS has been delivered added for Helm deployment support and parallel support under Cloudify/blueprint (legacy) retained for regression/backward compatibility
    - Introduced Helm Templated resuable functions under dcaegen2-services-common charts; each DCAE components/mS can enable required features via configuration override. Following are current set of features available under dcaegen2-services-common charts
        - K8S Secret/Environment mapping
        - CMPv2 Certificate support
        - Policy Sidecar
        - Mount data from configmap through PV/PVC
        - Dynamic Topic/feed provisioning
        - AAF certificates generation/distribution
        - Consul loader for application config
    - Removing Consul Dependency for DCAE components (DCAEGEN2-2630)
        Under cloudify deployments, Consul is used as central configuration store for all applications. With migration to Helm, the consul dependency is being removed by switching config management through K8S Configmap. This allows application to be deployed standalone in multi/edge cloud without any dependency on central platform components. 

    - Helm-generator tool  (as POC) available for generating DCAE component helm-chart given component spec. This tool will be integrated with MOD/design flow to support helm chart generation and distribution for Jakarta release. 

    - SliceAnalysis and KPI-Computation MS migrated from ConfigDb to CPS
    - Integration with new CBS client SDK and support policy sidecar

    - HV_VES microservice was adapted to support stdDefined domain introduced under VES7.2.1 spec 

    - Enhanced PMSH Microservice to support subscription property updates, config updates to support 'n' subscriptions, support resource name in filter 

    - Implemented CPS client interface (replacing ConfigDb)
    - Switched to new CBS client SDK for removing consul dependency and enabling policy configuration through sidecar.


  • Removed GPLv3 license from software by switching to onap/integration base images for CBS, Policy-Handler, VES-Mapper, PM-mapper, TCAgen2, DL Feeder, DL-DES (DCAEGEN2-2455)
  • Healthcheck container Py3 upgrade  (DCAEGEN2-2737)
  • Vulnerability updates for several DCAE MS (TCA-gen2, DataFileCollector,RESTConf, VES,Mapper, PM-Mapper, PRH, SON-handler, KPI-MS, Slice-Analysis MS) (DCAEGEN2-2768)
  • DL feeder/DES switched to PG (from mariaDB) and made complaint with non-root pod. 
  • Simplified deployment for DCAE services via Helm
  • Reduction on ONAP/DCAE footprint under transformation initative by deprecating Cloudify based platform components and Consul
  • Security enhancements
  • VES 7.2.1 integration for HV_VES enables ONAP, 3GPP, ORAN alignment
  • Enhancements for Network Slicing, Bulk PM, OOF-SON usecases


No major functional changes.

Consolidated Message Router and Bus Controller repos.

Sonar & Security updates.

Simplified repo structure.

Security enhancements.

  • Interactive architecture map incl. short description and link to detailed documentation for every architecture building block
  • Changes in the sphinx configuration for all contributing projects
  • Guide to set up a documentation development environment with preview function
  • The interactive architecture map can act as a starting point to easily gain knowledge about ONAP components
  • The updated sphinx configuration can avoid problems in the documentation build process caused by changes in required libraries
  • The guide to set up a documentation development environment eases the process of documentation creation and validation by providing step-by-step instructions on a beginner level.
External API FrameworkNot part of the releaseNot part of the release

HOLMES-463 - Getting issue details... STATUS

HOLMES-462 - Getting issue details... STATUS

HOLMES-454 - Getting issue details... STATUS

HOLMES-307 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Some bugs are fixed so Holmes gets more stable.

security enhancements


New tests:

  • basic_cnf
  • CPS healthcheck
  • Stability basic_vm and basic_onboard tests

Gating on Python tests

Stability of the test environment

More cases automatically tested

LoggingNot part of the releaseNot part of the release

MSB-405 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MSB-495 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MSB-518 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MSB-520 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MSB-539 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MSB-541 - Getting issue details... STATUS

security enhancements

Some bug fix and parameter optimization

  • Update PyYAML & httplib2 version
  • Bug fix
security enhancements
Functional Updates
  • Various k8s resource management improvements in k8splugin (REQ-627, )
    • Helm 3.5 package spec support
    • Support for Helm pre/post- create and delete Hooks 
    • Improved Config API
    • Status API returns the real status of deployed helm package
    • Better aligned with Helm processing spec
    • Important bug fixes

Further changes in k8splugin related to Helm spec support allow for the better and more reliable deployment of complex CNFs defined as a helm package.

MusicNot part of the releaseNot part of the release
OOMFunctional updates:
  • REQ-718: IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack support in ONAP (Istanbul)
    • Added support for Kubernetes 1.20+ DualStack networking properties
      in ONAP K8S Service spec properties.
    • Upgraded EJBCA CMP v2 server to version 7.x
  • REQ-723: CMPv2 enhancements in Istanbul release
    • Certificate update implemented using Key Update Request (KUR) and Certificate Request (CR) CMPv2 messages
  • If a cluster is running DualStack, service will be exposed in both IPv4 and IPv6 networks. Works for K8S 1.20+
  • EJBCA server is upgraded to newest major version providing longer support

Functional updates:

  • Enhancements in NSI selection to derive coverage area TA list from coverage area
  •  Migration from config DB to CPS for SON use case

Non-functional updates

  • Migration from MUSIC to ETCD
  • Bug fixes


Functional updates:

  •  Intent instance will be developed to support the E2E Slicing and CCVPN.

Non-functional updates

  • Packages upgrades in direct dependencies
  • Remove Python 2.7 from docker image
  • Update docker image for UUI components
  • Bug fix
  • Provides a scenario of users’ intent guarantee and interacting.
  • Stability and security improvement.

REQ-684 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • keep CLAMP functions into ONAP
  • reduce ONAP footprint
  • consolidate the UI (Control loop UI and policy)
  • enables code sharing and common handling for REST and TOSCA
  • introduces the Spring Framework into the Policy Framework
  • See the CLAMP documentation

REQ-716 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  •  Allows Control Loops to be defined and described in Metadata using TOSCA
  •  Control loops can run on the fly on any component that implements a *participant* API
  •  Control Loops can be commissioned into Policy/CLAMP, they can be parameterized, initiated on arbitrary  participants, activated and monitored
  •  See the CLAMP TOSCA Control Loop documentation
CLAMP Client Policy and TOSCA Handling
  • Push existing policy(tree) into PDP
  • Handling of PDP Groups
  • Handling of Policy Types
  • Handling of TOSCA Service Templates
  • Push of Policies to PDPs
  • Support multiple PDP Groups per Policy Type
  • Tree view in Policies list
  • Integration of new TOSCA Control Loop GUI into CLAMP GUI
Policy Handling Improvements
  • Support delta policies in PDPs
  • Allow XACML rules to specify EventManagerService
  •  Sending of notifications to Kafka & Rest in apex-pdp policies
  •  External configuration of groups other than defaultGroup
  •  XACML Decision support for Multiple Requests
  • Updated query parameter names and support for wildcards in APIs

  • Added new APIs for Policy Audit capabilities

  • Capability to send multiple output events from a state in APEX-PDP
System Attribute Improvements
  • Support for database upgrade and rollback, starting with upgrade from the Honolulu release to the Istanbul release
  • Consolidated health check
  • Phase 1 of Spring Framework introduction
  • Phase 1 of Prometheus introduction, base Prometheus metrics
PortalNot part of the releaseNot part of the release

  • Code quality improvement due to substantial improvement in test coverage triggered by gerrit reviews
  • Security enhancements
  • OpenDaylight major release upgrade (Silicon)
  • Enhancements to CCVPN, Network Slicing, and ONAP A1 Interface

SDC-3583 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SDC-3581 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SDC can be used for onboarding resources and designing services with models other than SDC AID

CNF Orchestration flows in SO have been enhanced (REQ-627).

Internal architecture improvements started in H release have been extended.

Defect fixes and enhancements in E2E slicing, CCVPN usecase realization.

CSIT has been improved.

VNF Macro LCM operation enabled for Create, Delete and Model update for VNF (REQ-883)

Improved S3P and maintainability of SO with divide and conquer strategy.

Validate the new changes at the earlier stage.

  • Packages upgrades in direct dependencies
  • Remove Python 2.7 from docker image of huawei vnfm driver
  • Optimize the docker image of VFC db
  • Bug fix
Stability and security improvement
VIDNot part of the releaseNot part of the release



Infrastructure Improvements

This table shows use case blueprints:

Use Case BlueprintKey UpdatesBenefits

E2E Network Slicing

  • Support for NSMF based TN slices in which NSMF is responsible for TN-FH and TN-MH allocation
  • RAN NSSMF integration with CPS and handled closed loop impacts w.r.t CPS integration
  • POC on A1-interface for closed loop updates
  • KPI Monitoring enhancements
  • Use case is stabilized for eMBB Slice Creation/instantiation and termination.
  • Enabled two type of RAN and Transport subnet interaction scenarios
    1. RAN NSSMF responsible for TN-FH and TN-MH
    2. NSMF responsible for TN-FH and MH
  • Kick started the work to align with O-RAN A1 interface

  • Updates in FM reporting and fault handling to be in line with VES 7.2, 3GPP and smoother future alignment with O1
Better alignment with O-RAN O1

Bulk PM / PM Data Control Improvements

PM data collection control provides 5G network operators with a dynamic and more efficient way to configure performance measurement collection on a selected subset of  PNFs/VNFs in the network and complements the existing PM data collection and processing capabilities in ONAP/DCAE. An initial version has been delivered in Rel 7 (5G / Bulk PM / PM Control - REQ-381). Planned enhancements for Rel 8 intend to further increase the capability and the dynamicity of this feature.

REQ-715 Bulk PM / PM Data Control Improvements

Control Loop in TOSCA

Control Loop in TOSCA LCM (REQ-716)

  • Move into mainstream within Policy repo
  • Integration with CLAMP
  • Create generic K8s participants (e.g. DCAE deployed by Helm)
  • Create generic HTTP participants 
  • Create Policy participants 
  • Support Commissioning
  • Support xNF automation / assurance use case, e.g., PMSH
  • Support control loop run time components, Catalogue, Inventory 
CLAMP (Control Loop Automation Management Platform) functionalities, recently moved to Policy project , want to provide a Control Loop Lifecycle management architecture. A control Loop is a key concept for Automation and assurance Use Cases and remain a top priority for ONAP as an automation platform. This requirement wants to improve Control Loop LCM architecture focusing on an abstract CL management logic,  isolating CL logic vs ONAP component logic, providing a common CL Design time catalogue with a  generic CL definition, and elaborate API to integrate with other design systems as well as 3PP component integration. PoCs have been progressed in ONAP Rel G and H in this area, CL LCM redesign has reached a relevant viable set of features and it is ready to be moved in Rel I to mainstream as part of the Policy framework.
CCVPN CCVPN Enhancements (REQ-719) to support Intent Based Networking (IBN), as well as support for Cloud Leased Line services. CCVPN, in conjunction with the IBN use-case, offers the Intent based Cloud Leased Line service

 O-RAN HarmonizationVES, O1, CNF, SMO
A1 Policy Management

The O-RAN A1 interface provides a flexible way for RAN operators to steer/inform RAN management.

ONAP Istanbul delivers improvments for managing A1 Policies (part of the O-RAN A1specification) and terminating the A1 interface for A1 Policies.
Ref:  CCSDK-3229 - Getting issue details... STATUS REQ-722 - Getting issue details... STATUS

This functionality is also used downstream in O-RAN-Source Community (OSC) Non-RealTime RIC project, strengthening alignment between ONAP & OSC.

Tactical Use Case Blueprint

PNF support

Change Management

K8s cloud region



CNF Orchestration Enhancements (REQ-627)

  • Synchronization of k8s resource objects between k8scluster and AAI as a part of CNF instantiation process
  • Dedicated CNF Healthcheck Workflow in SO
  • Control of the order of the CNF and helm package deployment in SO macro request
  • Various k8s resource management improvements in k8splugin
    • Helm 3.5 package spec support
    • Support for Helm pre/post- create and delete Hooks 
    • Improved Config API
    • Status API returns the real status of deployed helm package
    • Better aligned with Helm processing spec
    • Important bug fixes
With changes introduced in REQ-627 we will have finally information about created CNF resources in k8s cluster. This information can be utilized later on i.e. in closed-loop context. CNF Healthcheck Workflow in SO will let to monitor the status of CNF deployed into k8s cluster and whether it is healthy or not. Further changes in k8splugin related to Helm spec support allow for the better and more reliable deployment of complex CNFs defined as a helm package.

Here is a list of a few subcommittees (use-case, architecture, security), Anuket Assurance, and other activities.

SubcommitteeKey UpdatesBenefits
Arch Subcommittee
  • CLAMP has been fully integrated  with the Policy component
  • ESR, APPC, MUSIC and Logging Framework have all been disabled
  • POMBA has been retired
  • HOLMES has been integrated with DCAE

Security Subcommittee
  • Elimination of over 600 known CVEs through open source package upgrades
  • Elimination of nearly 100 security weaknesses in the ONAP code
  • Enhancements to CMPv2 certificate management
  • IPv4/6 support

Modeling Subcommittee

Standards Harmonization

Other Activities
Anuket Assurance

Controller Design Studio (CDS)

Finally, here is a list of S3P activities (security, documentation covered above)

S3P ActivityKey UpdatesBenefits






Code Footprint Reduction

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