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Goals- initial kick-off - set the objectives

  • Drive success of the project
  • Representative of the active community
  • Diverse composition
  • A smooth transition / non disruptive process

Discussion items

  • Reviewed the kickoff slide deck Kenny prepared
  • Topics that need to be hammered out 
    • length of the transition period 
    • clear decision roles during transition
    • whether old TSC should perform some sort of advisory role
    • composition of the new TSC
    • who gets to vote
  • Some composition discussion ideas floated
    • select reps from the top n contributing companies - incentive for companies to step it up
    • focus on "active" contributors rather than companies
      • more based upon community 
      • still provides incentive

Action items

  • Kenny Paul .  Provide the list of companies and geographies
  • Kenny Paul set time and cadence for future meetings