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at 10:00AM EDT

Meeting Link:


mark gibson unable to start zoom session - not properly setup to share so session did not happen.    Apologies to all for the missing session. 


  • Record the Meeting!! (issue with Zoom recording)
  • Introductions
  • Contribution Manoj Nair (Netcracker)
    • Casablanca Proposal, see: link
    • Extend ExtAPI scope to include "southbound APIs" to External SDN Controller, Edge Orchestrators, Domain Orchestrators, Domain Controllers (also Legacy OSS)
    • Need to explore relationship with MEF Presto NRP based on ONF TAPI
    • Continue discussion next week
  • Contribution Jack Pugaczewski (CenturyLink)
    • Casablanca Proposal: see: <link>
    • API Logging possibly using a Log Processor like Apache Nifi
    • Allows temporal flow analysis of API calls
    • Looking for interest in contributing to this activity
  • Next week: ONF TAPI discussion see: <link>
  • Update on code contribution Ludovic Robert
    • working Docker, performance, security, license info, risk management
    • Documentation: Updated release notes on Readthedocs
    • Amdocs bugs fixed
    • Need Pair-wise testing (in contact with Helen)
    • in two weeks TM Forum Two Demos on External API in Nice (including Sonata and Legato)
    • Need to push out OOM Healthcheck until May.
  • Interlude Update (Mehmet Toy)
    • Example Modify CIR for E-Access Service instantiated in a Partner Domain
    • Flows showing how Interlude works for the Elastic E-Access service
    • Potential Casablanca definition
  • Next Time: Discussion on relationship to MSB "External Gateway"; External API code to do mediation / translations
    • Cover registration, "visual range" of service as external 
  • Next Time: Continue Casablanca planning:
    • HOMEWORK: Which APIs have business impact; Put together PPT on proposed Casablanca API functionality.
    • Use Cases for Interlude; End to end flows 
    • Code to parse YAML from Service Catalog. Work with SDC on TOSCA toolset. Parse YAML within SDC once and create inputs once Service Definition is finalized.
    • Service Qualification / Servicability (pre-order) (is capacity and topology available supporting the specific set of service parameters; do policies permit instantiation, mapping of Service requirements to capabilities provided by the platform; checking against of service constraints and characteristics from Service catalog (or via catalog exposure to BSS), Service compatibility with other services instantiated within the customer's service group )
    • License Accounting
    • A&AI Customer (Possible removal of customer info from ONAP)
    • Enhancements for complex input types (transition from name-value pair to JSON structures-blob ) (e.g., MEF Bandwidth Profiles, L2 Connectivity as a Use Case)
  • Next Time:

Last time

  • R3+ Interlude discussion Mehmet Toy
    • Elastic EVC use case impacts on Legato and Interlude
    • It may be possible to apply Service Catalog, Service Ordering, Service Inventory to Interlude
    • Action: Andy Mayer to send Mehmet invite to modeling discussion
    • Explore possible inclusion of future ONAP use case for Elastic Connectivity Service Mehmet ToyAndy MayerParviz Yegani
    • Relationship with IETF L2 & L3 SM?
  • Need for End to End use case within the ONAP Context  Mehmet ToyAndy Mayer (review with arch team)
    • ACTION: Recommend end-to-end interactions based on LSO Operational Threads  Mehmet Toy; mark gibsonJack Pugaczewski;  Andy Mayer (review with arch team); Include scope of Presto wrt ONAP
    • ACTION: Possible application of External API at PRESTO with SDNC interactions with domain controllers (VOLTE use case) Possibly Jack Pugaczewski
    • Could possibly be part of R3 Casablanca scope


  • Continue ExtAPI Design for Beijing Ludovic Robert
    • Update: Removed VNF creation from scope and notification feature from scope
    • Utilizing the ExternalAPI/NBI repo for Beijing code
    • Making good progress for 29 March milestone
    • Documentation
    • Repo committs
    • ACTION: Need to schedule meetings with SDC, SO, and A&AI to discuss API mapping; Also Run-time Catalog.
    • ISSUE: Is SDC Providing CSAR from Catalog API? Could SDC provide a simple service view with input parameters of the service?
    • ISSUE: Does SO require customer on instantiation requests? Is A&AI really keeping Customer (or Consumer) information?
  • Begin Interlude Use Case discussion
  • Dana Bobko will present an API Versioning proposal (NEXT WEEK )
  • User Stories / Use Cases; State Models; Sequence diagrams for External and Internal interactions with ONAP components Andy Mayer
    • End-to-end Operation Threads
    • Service Catalog
      • Query Service Catalog
      • Retrieve Service Model
    • Service Ordering
      • Place Service Order
      • Query Service Order
      • Retrieve Service Order
      • Delete Service Order
      • Retrieve Service Order State
      • Subscribe to Service Order Notifications
      • Receive Service Order Notifications
    • Service Inventory
      • Query Service Inventory
      • Retrieve Service
      • Retrieve Service State
    • Service Topology (spec only)
      • Query Service Topology
      • Retrieve Service Topology
    • License Management (spec only)
      • Receive License Usage Notifications
  • Recording: 


  • Next call will take place on 16 May 2018 
  • Architectural considerations for External APIs (mapping to ONAP components)
  • User Stories / Use Cases; State Models; Sequence diagrams for External and Internal interactions with ONAP components
  • Continue review and refinement of ONAP Common Model UML (Service Abstraction focus)
  • Discussion on coordination with Architecture, Modeling, and MSB efforts (Alexander Vul)

Action items