May 14th - Virtual Event

Location - Virtual partcitation

This event will be be a virtual hacking session focusing on the Dublin Release. The call with be open throughout the day of Wednesday 17th. 

When joining the call please let us know that you joined and we will support to navigate the day. The topics will be much depended on the audience, whether we will focus on introduction on how to work with documentation, ongoing improvements or Dublin specific content. 

Potential topics/Agenda

  • On-going Docs JIRA tickets
  • Project documentation for the Dublin release
    • HowTo Start with ONAP
    • HowTo Learn ONAP using Postman API collections
    • ONAP overview description
  • Learn more about how to work with documentation
  • Documentation improvements 
  • Documentation templates
  • Documentation and use-case articulation: how to document use-cases
  • Documentation and architecture articulation
  • Documentation and security (@Pawel Pawlak)
  • Documentation and modeling to produce a common glossary
  • Move (and mark/delete) documents from Wiki to ReadTheDocs (e.g. in UserGuide)
  • add more...
  • Dublin Documentation Review

Work of a proposal for the target content structure for ReadTheDocs,
possibly more detailed substructure for User Guide (based on Proposed Structure of Guides)
Structural proposal (e.g. Mindmap, Excel) for further discussion and implementation
How to verify DOC pages with projects ? 
If content of DOC pages need review by ONAP projects, should there be a
"Pairewise Testing" between DOC and other projects (Integration Weather Board for Dublin Release) ?

Proposal for El Alto

Evaluate existing rmaining JIRA issues related to documentation

Corrected DOC-426, DCAEGEN2-1049

Sofia Wallin

Open Jira tickets for the Doc project - 

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

Open Jira tickets for all (including doc project) - 

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

Sofia WallinDublin updates

Date and Time

Time zoneDateTimeParticipants
CETApril 17th09:00-16:00
EDTApril 17th09:00-16:00

PSTApril 17th06:00-09:00



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