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  • Review backlog, review status of work items

Discussion items

Review Dublin EpicsDone
Removing unnecessary dependencies

Team agrees on the following approach:

  • First pass
    • Will focus on migrating the base image
    • Address (mitigate) package installation at runtime
    • Sometimes you don't access to internet
  • Second pass
    • We can suggest the removal of unnecessary libraries and dependencies
    • We will flag in the JIRA ticket what can be removed in the second pass.
Review Dublin ScopeDone
Backlog review
 Status of work items

 Paul-Ionut Vaduvafinished AA&I work.

  • Will sync up with the team because there is an opportunity to do "bulk" changes.
  • Common image changes will be added to the CI pipeline
  • AAI graph-admin image debugging: Java exception showing up on arm to be tackled on the arm pipeline.
Discuss Blockages (if any)

Action items


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  1. if you go into dockerhub, you have the image size of any ONAP container. example: