For Frankfurt release, DCAE will add new software component "Acumos-DCAE Adapter" which will provide a client interface to receive ML models from an Acumos catalog to ONAP DCAE.  This adapter will generate the required metadata artifacts (Microservice component spec, data-format) and to onboard them directly into the DCAE CLI-DB.  The subsequent Service Assurance flow design, Microservice configurations, and blueprint generation will be supported by the new DCAE MOD components, which will be delivered under Frankfurt Self Serve Control Loops v2

The "Acumos-DCAE Adapter" transforms an Acumos ML model into an ONAP compatible DCAE Microservice in order for it to run in an ONAP DCAE environment.

  1. The Adapter provides a DCAE model runner to wrap the ML model from Acumos to in order to produce a microservice that is compatible in DMaaP environment.
  2. The Adapter generates Microservice metadata (i.e., the Component Spec.json and Dataformat.json) for onboarding to DCAE Design environment.
  3. The Adapter generates k8s/Docker executable image for onboarding to DockerCentral (Nexus).


Adapter API

  1. The "Acumos-DCAE Adapter" supports Acumos E5 client interface for federated ML models from an Acumos catalog. 
  2. The "Acumos-DCAE Adapter" uses DCAE Onboarding APIs for automated mS onboarding to CLI-DB, also submits the mS Image to DockerCentral image repository.

Sample Models;a=tree;f=example;h=9ed808e722fbf266eac9e7e9ff583a5848e78a5b;hb=f9574de3a8ea3ec3e34c09a28e141f797eb59d6e


Usecase Targeted 

Due to lack of specific end-to-end usecase (in Frankfurt), integration was demonstrated using generic models from AT&T/Acumos Instance into DCAE-MOD. 

Demo recording and details - 2020-04-16 DCAE Demo


  • Helm Chart
  • Acumos adapter docker container

Refer Acumos Adapter Installation

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  1. not sure if i am confusing, but i believe this adaptor can be reused for o-ran intelligent app onboarding through ACUMOS

  2. Is there Docker deployment script available for Acumos DCAE component and how to to configure all variables like ip and port of other components  ?  also what  DCAE's components are required  to run it ?