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  1. Hi,

    I saw one API document here:  AAF API

    Is that latest one? if not, can you point to us to the right place.

    In this document, I only see API for 

    • Name spaces (CRUD)
    • Roles (CRUD)
    • Assigning roles to various permissions
    • Permissions (CRUD) for various network namespace instances.

    I don't see API for creating 

    • Users
    • Assigning roles to users
    • LDAP/AD configuration API
    • SSO API
    • Grant Token API

    We would like to understand API for us to estimate the work to get the users validated and get the authorizations. Hence, requesting for latest API document, if available.



    1. Do i need to register to clone source code from 

      git clone https://gerrit.onap.org/r/aaf/auth?

  2. Is there document that describes how AAF relates to Policy  components?

    1. AAF is Infrastructure that deals in Authentications and Authorizations.   You would need to check the Policy Docs to see how they are using AAF.

  3. Is the design or requirement for integrating AAF with Shiro captured or described anywhere?