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ONAP is planning to host ONAP M-SDO workshop on Apr. 1st, in order to make the workshop more efficent, the following step are considered

1) Collect issues related to SDOs in ONAP

2) Send those issues to SDOs and invite them to explain, recommend the resolution on those issues.

3) Arrange the program based on SDO's response to resolve ONAP issues.

M-SDO (Modeling) - Breakout Room

TimeSDO-NamePresentation TitlePresenterSlide
45minsETSI NFV
Nguyenphu, Thinh

M-SDO (General) - Main Room

TimeSDO-NamePresentation TitlePresenterSlides
15minsETSI NFV
Nguyenphu, Thinh

20mins+10mins Q&A


Anatoly Andrianov

Thomas Tovinger

20mins+10mins Q&ABBFBroadband Forum: OpenBroadband and ONAPTim Carey

20mins+10mins Q&AMEF

MEF Services Common Model & LSO Legato Interface Profile for ONAP External API

Sethuraman Karthik