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ONAP consists of a number of software subsystems. These subsystems are part of two major architectural frameworks:

  • a design-time environment to design, define and program the platform
  • an execution-time environment to execute the logic programmed in the design phase.

The design-time framework  is an integrated development environment with tools, techniques, and repositories for defining and describing deploy-able assets. It supports the development of new capabilities, augmentation of existing capabilities and continuous operational improvement throughout the life cycle of a service. The execution-time framework uses closed-loop, policy-driven automation to drive down operational costs. Built-in dynamic, policy-enforced functions are provided for component and workload shaping, placement, execution, and administration. Access to the design-time and execution-time frameworks are provided by the ONAP Portal, a role-based user interface  and ONAP CLI

Design-time framework

The design-time framework consists of the following subsystems:

The SDC subsystem enables developers to define, simulate, and certify assets and their associated processes and policies.The Policy subsystem enables the creation and deployment of rules that instantiate conditions, requirements, constraints, attributes, or needs regarding the assets that must be provisioned, maintained, or enforced.

The design-time framework provides a set of common services and utilities and is intended for a variety of users with a different roles. For example, the design studio enables product and service designers to onboard, extend and retire resources, services and products. Also using the design studio, operations engineers, security experts and customer experience experts can create workflows, policies and methods. 

Run-time framework

The run-time execution framework distributes and executes the rules and policies that are designed within the design-time framework, and consists of the following subsystems:

All of these subsystems rely on Common Services to provide access control, logging, data management, and other support.

Quick Reference for Detailed Information

See the table below for links to videos, the relevant Gerrit Projects, the API pages, and other documents for each subsystem. Be sure to also review the README files that are included in source code downloads.


Gerrit Project

Other Documents
End to End (overall system)Video

Release Notes 1.0.0 draft

vFirewall Demo Flow Diagram

1.0.0 resultant Deployment Architecture

Active and Available InventoryVideo
Application ControllerVideo
APPC API ONAP Application Controller User Guide
Data Collection and AnalyticsVideo
Service OrchestratorVideo
MSO APIMSO High-level Design
Network Controller


Optimization Framework

Homing API


OOF - Design Framework

OOF - Homing and Allocation Service

Policy API
Portal API
Service Design and CreationVideo



Release History:

Beijing - June 7, 2018

Amsterdam -  November 16, 2017

Deployment Diagram

Pending Release

New Project Proposals

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  1. Hi, I am trying to access Service Design and Creation (SDC) Link. It brings me to -  I need to have account?

    1. No account needed.   A few links were incorrect and have been updated. Thank you!

  2. Hello,

    Is there any documentation of this page covering ONAP architecture?

    Please give a pointer, it any.

    Thanks a lot!

  3. There should be a huge benefit to enable API-based resource on-boarding and deployment, especially in Miscroservice area. Would Like to see discussion on this. This will greatly help enabling potentially various CI/CD automation (including automated onboarding) outside the ONAP architecture, given each company may have different policy and process on development and automation. 

  4. I have a question in the sVNFM and EMS is shown outside the ONAP . as in ETSI farmework the G-VNFM is part of NFVO and somehow we want see ONAP replace NFVO so in future S-VNFM will not have any interaction with ONAP ? can we  know some details how ONAP sees G-VNFM , S-VNFM and EMS integration

  5. Hello, 

    Can anyone explain to me what is a recipe ?


  6. please archive or remove this outdated page