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Platform Requirements

  • PNF re-registration
  • Hybrid (VNF+PNF) service orchestration
  • Existing RFS onboarding and association to CFS, e.g. new CFS HSIA associated with existing RFS transport (infrastructure) and RFS Fiber Access (infrastructure)

ProjectUsageWork to be done by TeamWork needed in Project Team

Use the platform PNF model in definition of service

None - using platform
SOCFS HSIA orchestration
ONT PnP and PNF registration & re-registration

New BPMN recipe for nomadic ONT case

Assumption: PNF registration (discovery) is implemented

5G Use Case to develop PNF discovery and re-registration - Nokia led WIP

re-use Service instance update API

PolicyTrigger service reconfiguration due to nomadic ONT event (re-registration)

Support for creating policies during run-time (configuration policies associated with RestConf collector and VES mapper)

Support new operational policy(s) in CL

None - but informing there is a creation of PNF re-registration policy
SDN-C (CCSDK)Integrated with 3rd party controller

New DG/YANG model for service creation, activation and change
New DG/YANG for ONT location change

Modify generic resource API for NBI

None - Update DG repository with new DGs
UUIONT to customer association (customer ID)
Service health dashboard
BBS custom UINone - not going to use

Association with subscriber
3rd party controller interfaces for VNFs

A&AI needs to scale to support high number of CFS instances

update A&AI schema for new data model

None - using platform
External APIs

ONT location change notification
ONT and CFS HSIA alarms/notifications
Service modification request (subscription plan change)

Nice to have: Support for TMF 638 ServiceStateChangeNotification or ServiceAttributeValueChangeNotifications - Huawei
DCAECollect the event data for CFS HSIA health
ONT PNF (re-)registration

New Restconf2VES mapping support

Enhance Restconf collector

New microservice to handle CPE authentication event

Support to be added to detect nomadic ONT move and build DCAE_CL_Event to trigger Policy to modify the existing services.

Assumption: Use PRH for PNF re-registration

Must have:

  • Restconf2VES mapper (BBS only have resources - TechM)
  • Restconf collector microservice (BBS only have resources - Huawei)
  • CPE authentication microservice (BBS only have resources - Nokia)
  • PRH microservice needs to trigger policy (generic 5G use case resource - Nokia)

None - not using
ModelingCFS HSIA model

Need new data types: ONT PNF, OLT connectivity

Dublin: Assumption is ONT PNF has both ONT and RG functionality

Update platform data model for PNF resource which will provide a field for PNF re-registration (from the additional information field of the PNF registration VES event) - Swisscom/Huawei/Nokia
CLAMPDefine nomadic ONT closed loopRestconf collector; VES mapper; PRH; VES collector with Policy interactions neededNone - creating BBS closed loop