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Note : Formal acknowledgement of CI-Management as a stand-alone project was overlooked during the mass project onboarding back in 2017.  As a key component of the the ONAP release infrastructure it is considered to have been approved due to its continued and undisputed utilization since the launch of the ONAP Project 

Project Name

  • Proposed name for the project: CI Management
  • Proposed name for the repository: ci-management

Project description

The CI Management project is dedicated to managing the code resources related to the CI systems. It is intended as a way for the community to collaborate on the design and management of the CI infrastructure where it is possible to do so.


  • CI job definitions and templates
  • Build instance creation templates
  • Build instance start scripts


Other information

  • The purpose of this proposal is to be a transformation from a project solely governed by The Linux Foundation, already existing in the system, into a proper community project so that we may properly elevate community members to committer rights.
  • The following changes will happen should this project be approved:
    • Release Engineers from the Linux Foundation who are not listed as committers will lose their current committer rights, any future LF engineers will have to earn committer rights the same as any other community member.
    • A mechanical enforcement of non-author code review will be added to the repository so that a committer will be unable to self-review their own change to get it committed.

Key Project Facts

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