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The following items are expected to be completed for the project to Pass the Release Candidate Milestone.

This template must be filled out for every Release Candidate Milestone (RC0, 1, 2, x)

RC Release Candidate Milestone overview is available in wiki.

Practice AreaCheckpointYes/NoEvidences
Product ManagementAre all tasks associated with the release been marked as "Done" in Jira?Yes

Getting issues...    

Have all findings from previous milestones been addressed?YesRisk closed, no other specific findings
DevelopmentHave all Defects of priority Highest and High been in status "Done" in Jira?Yes

Key Summary T Assignee P Status

Are all JIRA issues used as a reference in a commit in status "Done" in Jira?Yes
Is there any pending commit related to Highest and High priority issues older than 36 hours in Gerrit? In case there are messages going back and forth between authors and reviewers, it is acceptable to be above 36 hours.No
Are all the Jenkins jobs successfully passed (verify + merge jobs)?YesLink to Merge Job

Has the team delivered all their release artifacts in Nexus Release or Nexus Staging repo?

There should be at least ONE version of each artifacts available in Nexus Release or Nexus Staging repo.


Docker and Maven Artifacts available in staging repo, version manifests are up to date

Integration and TestingHave all CSIT Use Cases (created by each project team) passed?YesLink to CSIT set 1 and CSIT set 2
Is there a Docker images available for each repository?Yes

Clamp Docker image in Nexus Repo

Official 2.0.0 release artifacts requested to LF

Has the project code successfully passed the Daily Build process?YesNote that we have noticed that sometimes the daily job fails due to inconsistent behavior of the LF toolchain
Has the OOM deployment passed?YesBoth Deployment and HealthCheck are passed. Jenkins External Labs.
Has the Heat deployment passed?YesBoth Deployment and HealthCheck are passed. Jenkins External Labs.
DocumentationFor RC2, for project delivering binaries, has the team populated and validated all the sections of the Release Notestemplate?YesDocumentation available in Read the docs, No open issues from doc team at this point

For RC2, has the Documentation Team provided the final approval for your project documentation?YesApproval Email received from Scott on 5/15