Changing your email address is multi step process unfortunately.  The IT department is working on that, but I think it is still a long way off.


  • Groups .io is kind of a weird one. Even though your LFX profile has a section for “My Email Subscriptions” it isn’t tied to at all.  To change your groups .io address
    • Make sure you are fully logged out of
    • Go to this specific URL and login:
    • From there you can change your email address by clicking on your name and then selecting “account” from the menu, and it should be applied globally.


  • If you are using Slack you will need to change your email address there since it isn’t linked to anything at all, even other Slack instances. 
  • go to 
  • If you are using other instances of Slack if you select "workspaces" in the upper right you should be able to select the other ones and change to that instance. You will need to change your email address for every instance you use. 


  • You will probably still need to change the email address that is registered with any of the wikis you use.  Similar to Slack teach instance of the wiki (,  etc. ) are all independent.
  • When logged into the wiki just go to your profile pic in the upper right and select “settings” from the menu.
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