Name of the Lab/Company

China Mobile ONAP Lab, Located at China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI) Beijing, China.

Responsible Party

China Mobile

Main Contact: Yan Yang

Lab Overview

China Mobile ONAP lab (CMCCLAB) is transfered from OPEN-O community lab, located at China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI) Beijing, China. As open source community lab, CMCCLAB hosted two releases E2E integration test based on real environment sponsored by vendors commercial products, the vCPE (Residential and Enterprise cases) and VoLTE (vIMS + vEPC) case. 

CMCCLAB will being redesigned to meet ONAP lab specification,  provide multi-clouds as NFVI and SDN based network devices, such as TOR switches, routers, gateway to support E2E service integration test and interoperation test. 

Lab Status

Following actions are being planed/in process in CMCC lab

Key Summary T Updated P Status

Lab Guideline

Lab Access

  • CMCC provides VPN access to its lab on an individual basis. You should open JIRA task in OPENLAB project and fill in component field with CMCCLAB.
  • In the task description part please provide your intention in shortly and basic information including name, mail address, company and Linux Foundation ID. 
  • Users may not share their VPN credentials with others. Sharing of VPN credentials will result in permanent loss of access to the lab

Lab Usage

  • No data, software or intellectual property that is not freely available to the community may be downloaded or stored in the lab.
  • No software may be downloaded or used in the lab without required licenses.
  • CMCC reserves the right to audit software and lab usage without notice and remove access of users who are not following the the AUP

Network Bandwidth

Available bandwidth is limited and shared across all lab users, downloading excessively large files can interfere with other users, so the lab admin should be informed if users intend to download very large files or consume substantial bandwidth for any duration

Lab Environment


   VIM/Cloud instances:

        3 VIM/Cloud for hosting ONAP: Powered by Wind River Titanium Cloud R4

        1 VIM/Cloud for hosting VNF:  Powered by Wind River Titanium Cloud R3

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