Instruction for adding a new committer to a repo:

  • Make a copy of this template and move it under your own project page hierarchy.

  • Edit the page accordingly, providing the links and information requested.

  • Send an email to the ONAP Infrastructure Coordinator ( ) containing a link to this completed page with the Subject: Committer Promotion Request for [your-project-tag]

  • The ONAP Infrastructure Coordinator reviews the completeness and accuracy of the documentation, and update the Resources and Repositories (Deprecated) information.

  • Upon approval, the ONAP Infrastructure Coordinator opens a ticket with Linux Foundation to add the Committer to the repo(s).

  • The PTL updates the INFO.yaml file for the repo(s) with the appropriate info.

Contributor's Name: Michael Dürre

Contributor's LFID: metaljackL

Contributor's Location: America/New_York

Link(s) demonstrating the Contributor's established history of meritocratic contributions to the project: 
Typically this would be in the form of a gerrit query but may also include examples of:

List of current Committers (as documented here: Resources and Repositories (Deprecated) )

Dan TimoneyDavid Stilwell

Link documenting the existing Committers voting in favor of promoting the Contributor:  

Repositories the new Committer should be granted permissions to: