Any issue created in Jira is a Backlog Item.

The method presented in this page is very useful to quickly enter the summary of the Product Backlog item in Jira. 

This method can be used to create Epic and Story for Release M1 milestone.

1) Login into JIRA and Click: Projects→Software

2) Select your Project

Select your project

3) Click the Backlog view button on the left side

Click Backlog Button

4) Click Create issue

Click Create Issue


  • It may happen you do not see issue in your backlog. Try to click on "Clear all filters"
  • You may want to know which Issues have been updated in the last 24 hours, simply click on "Recently Updated"

5) Write the description of the issue

Write issue description

Write the description of Backlog item in the red box. You can change the type (Epic, Story, Task, Bug) of the Backlog item by clicking on the left side V arrow.