Create a Sprint

  1. In OPEN-O, Sprints are 2 weeks long
  2. Only one Sprint is active at a time
  3. Team members must estimate Stories prior to start the Sprint.
  4. Story Estimation is performed while all team members are gathered for the Sprint Planning.

Sprint Creation

Creating a Sprint is technically quite easy.

  1. On the top right corner of the Product Backlog, click on "Create Sprint" button.
  2. Select and drag Backlog item in the New Sprint.
  3. In the example below, there are 2 Backlog items in the Sprint, and the total estimate is 18 (13+5)

  4. A click on the ... (top left) provides a summary of the workload assigned

    Note here, there is a Backlog item which is "Unassigned". Initially, that is OK. It becomes critical to have one assignee while to work is "In Progress".

Sprint Naming

To name a sprint, keep the KIS principle in mind and simply name it "Sprint 1", "Sprint 2", "Sprint 3".

There is not need to add any date in the Sprint naming. JIRA will provide automatically the dates within all views and reports.

The example is a very bad examp of Sprint naming. It is very confusing.

Sprint Bad Naming