Within the Multi-Site DCAE feature a variety of deployments are discussed:

  • Different topics used locally
    • Current DCAE/DMaaP approach
    • Different events (belonging to different domains) are distributed to different topics - in local DCAE deployment.
  • Disaster-Recovery case
    • There are two complete ONAP installations, including DCAE platform
    • Those deployments are geographically distributed
    • The use same topic names
    • Topic access credentials are potentially different
  • ONAP Regional and Central instance, within a single ONAP enterprise architecture
    • There is a single logical ONAP installation, which delegates certain processing to regionalized DCAE platform instances
    • Central and regionalized instances are geographically distributed, and they can process the data in parallel
    • Potentially different topic names can be used to distinguish local data feeds, and remote data feeds
    • VES/HV-VES need to publish same data to different topics (different names), and using different credentials

Different DMaaP topics used locally

DCAE - distribution to multiple topics

Disaster-Recovery case

DCAE DR use-case

ONAP Regional and Central instance (ONAP enterprise architecture)

DCAE Central-Regional

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