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See [dcaegen2] Team ONAP4, Thursday  UTC 13:00 / China 21:00 / Eastern 9:00 / Pacific 06:00  

New time (Effective from 11/08/18 until DST start 3/10/19) 

Thursday, 10.30 – 11.30 AM EST/3.30 -4.30 PM UTC

Bridge - 

Tentative items for future meeting

  • Deeper dive in SDC artifacts created for MS and how models are utilized
  • Identify/discuss gaps on current DCAE architecture for supporting edge requirement


  •     Agenda

    • R3 Maintenance release status
    • R4 M1 Commitment review
    • PCI MS/usecase overview - Swami/Wipro.

        Recording - TBD

1/10/2019 - Meeting Cancelled due to Paris F2F session 

1/3/2019 DCAE Weekly Meeting

12/20/2018 and 12/27/2018 - Meetings Cancelled.

12/13/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


  • Continue PM UC planned for Dublin & PM Mapper scope  - Mark Scott
  • Broadband usecase review (Dublin) - David (Swisscom)/Xin Miao
  • R4 MS - status check point
  • Deeper dive in SDC artifacts created for MS and how models are utilized - Vijay
  • Identify/discuss gaps on current DCAE architecture for supporting edge requirement - Srini

    Recording - DCAE_Weekly_12132018.mp4


12/06/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


    Recording - DCAE_Weekly_12062018.mp4

11/29/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


  • Review CDAP platform integration work with PNDA team - Tommy Carpenter
  • Common Library for DCAE services (Dublin) - Nokia Team
  • VES yaml updates - Marge/Alok
  • Guideline for component version updates - repositories
  • R3 Maintenance release candidates
  • R4 MS - status check point
  • VES Collector security updates proposal for Dublin  - Marek/Nokia

    Recording - DCAE_Weekly_2018-11-29.mp4

11/22/2018 - Meeting cancelled for Thanksgiving Holiday in US

11/16/2018 - Adhoc meeting on ONAPARC-280 discussion -  ONAPARC-280-DCAE.mp4

11/15/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


        a) PNDA Demo (Cont.) - Cisco team

        b) Common Library for DCAE services (Dublin)

    Recording - DCAE_weekly_111520018.mp4

11/08/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


        a) PNDA Demo - Cisco team

           Recording - DCAE_Weekly_11082018.mp4

           Presentation -  DCAE PNDA Update.pptx

11/01/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


        a) General project updates -ONAP_DCAE_11_01_18_External.pptx

Recording - DCAE_Weekly_Meeting_11012018.mp4

10/25/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


        a) SNMP Trap collector Demo - Dave L

           SNMP TrapCollector - Oct 2018.pptx

        b) VES 7.0 updates - Alok Gupta

Recording - DCAE_weekly_10252018.mp4


10/18/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


        a) OOM deployment setup walkthrough  

        b) RC1 status

Recording - DCAE_weekly_10182018.mp4

10/11/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


        a) SDC Integration reg VES - Benjamin

        b)  R3 RC0 status update

Recording - DCAE_weekly_20181011.mp4

10/04/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


        a) DFC Demo - 'Sonia Sangari' <>/ Ericsson team

        b) Cont. Heat based test setup walkthrough on DCAE tenant in POD25

    Recording - DCAE_weekly_20181004.mp4

9/27/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


        a) HV-VES Demo - 'Jaszczyk, Piotr (Nokia - PL/Wroclaw)' <>/Nokia team

        b) Walkthrough test setup (heat) on DCAE tenant in POD25

    Recording - DCAE_weekly_20180927.mp4

9/20/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


        a) DCAE M4 status update


    Recording - dcae_weekly_meeting_2018-09-20.1.mp4  dcae_weekly_meeting_2018-09-20.2.mp4

9/13/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


        a) M4 check list item review

        b) Component status overview

    Recording - DCAE_Weekly_09132018.mp4

    Lab Access Procedure

    Windriver (POD-25)

    Follow the steps under On Line Labs: ONAP-POD-01 Integration and Deployment Lab - Oregon, USA

    Alternate reference link  - Openlab access for AAI devs

9/6/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


        open forum today

 Recording - To be uploaded

08/30/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


a. No recording today

b. Common PM Dictionary Proposal for DCAE  - Linda Horn / Nokia  PM Dictionary Proposal for ONAP Aug 30.pptx

c. Fault YAML example - Marge Hillis / Nokia or Linda Horn / Nokia  fault registration event example utilizing the comment capabilty to provide information.docx

08/23/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


    1. VES Mapper - Demo - Kedar/Tech-M

     Recording:  dcae-weekly-20180823.mp4

08/16/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting     

     Recording: dcae-weekly-20180816.mp4

08/09/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


    1. DCAE Onboarding and dcae_cli demo by Mike Hwang
    2. VES Mapper - Demo - Kedar/Tech-M
    3. PNDA Integration discussion Cont.

     Recording - dcae_weekly_meeting_08092018.mp4

08/02/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


    1. R3 Status check point
    2. PNDA Integration discussion

     Recording - dcae_weekly_20180802.mp4

07/26/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


    1. R3 M2 Review
    2. R3 Status check point
    3. VES Updates - Alok Gupta

     Recording - dcae_weekly_20180726.mp4

07/19/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


    1. R3 Status check point

     Recording - dcae_weekly_20180719.mp4

07/12/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


  1. R3 Status check point
    1. RESTCONF Collector
      CCVPN - to work with CCVPN usecase owner to clarify DCAE impact and scope targeted for R3.
      New collector to be reviewed with Architecture team;  DCAE repo/contribution can be worked once approved
    2. VESMapper - TechM (Kedar) indicated wip and no outstanding blocker
    3. HV-VES - To be followed up with Nokia/team.
    4. DataFileCollector & PM-Mapper
        Ericsson assessing impact of DMAAP-DR work; alternate temporary solution discussed - to be finalized by Ericsson.

     Recording - dcae_weekly_20180712.mp4

07/05/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


    1. General Updates on R3 DCA
    2. PNDA Integration Status update - Donald Hunter (donaldh) /Cisco tea


    1. dcae_weekly_20180705.mp4

06/28/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


  1. Updates on R3 DCAE - Vijay
  2. Demonstration by Tech-M team on Mapper service - ONAP - VES Universal Mapper.pptx by Atul Shegokar <>
  3. VES new domain discussion  - Alok/Michela


            No recording available for this meeting

06/08/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting Extension


  1. Updates from Ericsson on file collector:  ONAP Proposal_DataFiles_and_3gppPMs_June8 (Read-Only).pdf
  2. VES follow up clarification: pnfregistration questions_Nokia respv2 (Read-Only).pdf


  1. dcae-weekly-20180608.mp4

06/07/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


  1. RESP proposal: RESP project proposal (DCAE preso) 20180607_final.pdf
  2. VES followup clarification: (see slide deck linked from 06/08 agenda)

Recording: dcae-weekly-20180607.mp4

05/31/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


  1. Feedback for VES 6 Specification: Ericsson VESSpecR6.0 feedback_A3.pdf

Recording: dcae-weekly-20180531.mp4

05/24/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


  1. Realtime PM presentation: Real Time PM--HV Event proposal to DCAE (Read-Only).pdf

Recording: dcae-weekly-20180524.mp4

05/17/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


  1. Discussion on R3 "centralize cloud region info" proposal and impact on DCAE (dcaeLocation) with Bin Yang (VMware) 
  2. Alok Gupta presentation on VES update: ONAP SA VES Specification 6.0.pdf

Recording: dcae-weekly-20180517.mp4

05/10/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


  1. DCAE R2 OOM deployment show-and-tell

Recording: dcae-weekly-20180510.mp4

05/03/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


  1. Open business discussion
    1. Nokia forecast on R3 plug-n-play
  2. DCAE R2 Heat deployment show-and-tell

Recording: dcae-weekly-20180503.mp4

04/26/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


  1. Ericsson proposal for bulk data (file) collector for R3: Ericsson_ONAP_DCAE_Proposal_FINAL (Read-Only).pdf
  2. Testing status update

Recording: dcae-weekly-20180426.mp4

04/19/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting

Recording: dcae-weekly-20180419.mp4

04/12/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting

Recording: dcae-weekly-20180412.mp4

04/05/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting

Agenda: dcae-weekly-20180405.pdf

Recording: dcae-weekly-20180405.mp4

03/29/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting

    no meeting due to ONS event.

03/22/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting

Recording: dcae-weekly-20180322.mp4

03/15/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting

Agenda: dcae-weekly-20180315.pdf

Recording: dcae-weekly-20180315.mp4

03/08/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting

Agenda: dcae-weekly-20180308.pdf

Recording: dcae-weekly-20180308-1.mp4dcae-weekly-20180308-2.mp4

03/01/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting

Recording: dcae-weekly-20180301.mp4

Architecture review deck: DCAE R2 Architecture Review

02/22/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting

Agenda: dcae-weekly-agenda-20180222.pdf

02/15/2018 DACE Weekly Meeting

Agenda: dcae-weekly-agenda-20180215.pdf

02/01/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting

Materials: ONAP Integration Maturity Testing.pdf

01/25/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting

Recording: dcae-weekly-20180125.mp4

01/18/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting

Recording: dcae-weekly-20180118-0.mp4

01/11/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting


  1. TechM presented Universal VES adaptor:
    1. presentation: ONAP-VESIntegration with technology stack.pptx
    2. video VES-V3.mp4
  2. Reviewing R2 planning template
    1. ONAP WiKi page link: DCAE R2 M0 Release Planning

Recording: dcae-weekly-20180111.mp4

01/04/2018 DCAE Weekly Meeting

Deck: dcae-weekly-20180104.pdf

Recording: dcae-weekly-20180104.mp4

12/12/2017 DCAE Breakout during Santa Clara Face to Face

Deck: dcae-f2f-20171212.pdf

12/07/2017 DCAE Weekly Meeting

Deck: DCAE-weekly-20171207.pdf

Recording: dcae-weekly-20171207.mp4

11/16/2017 DCAE Weekly Meeting

Recording: dcae-weekly-20171116.mp4

10/26/2017 DCAE Weekly Meeting

Recording: dcae-weekly-20171026.mp4

10/12/2017 DCAE Weekly Meeting

Recording: dcaeweekly-20171012.mp4

10/05/2017 DCAE Weekly Meeting

Recording: dcae-weekly-20171005.mp4

09/28/2017 DCAE Paris F2F Meeting

Recording: dcae-paris-20170928.mp4

Slides: Paris-F2F-DCAE.pdf

09/21/2017 DCAE Weekly Meeting

Recording: dcae-weekly-20170921.mp4

09/14/2017 DCAE Weekly Meeting

Recording:  dcae-weekly-20170914.mp4


  1. Status update. 
  2. Demo of running DCAEGEN2 bootstrap container  (by Lusheng Ji)
  3. A&AI Enrichment of DACE events (by Vijay Venkatesh Kumar)

Additional notes:

  1. Please email if wish to know more about DCAEGEN2 CICD process, which is customized from the general ONAP/LF Java process.

09/07/2017 DACE Weekly Meeting

Recording:  dcae-weekly-20170907.mp4

Alok Gupta presentation VES_YAML_Policy_PoC_ONAP_v1.0.pdf

08/31/2017 DCAE Weekly Meeting


  1. Meeting summary with OOM on integration and deployment
  2. Dev status. 
  3. CICD integration status. 
  4. Testing status. 
  5. Call for volunteer for helping Documentation Project for readthedocs (
  6. Planning for September F2F

  7. Alok Gupta presentation on vendor spec yaml use in SA 


  1. Beijing Release possible topics
    1. Multi-site deployment of DCAE
    2. Data storage and API 
      1. Support for PostgreSQL within a container 
      2. Support for additional DBs within container 
    3. VES extension for accommodating more information on the payload and support A&AI enrichment 
    4. “Reconfiguration” and “reuse” of components for new close loops 
    5. More harmonization with other components 
      1. e.g. Consul use with MSB 
    6. More collectors 
      1. SNMP Polling 
      2. Ceilometer 
    7. More analytics 
      1. CDAP Pipelining 
    8. Collectd (* parallel activities in MultiVIM project)
  2. Alok presentation:  ONAP SA Dsicussion 2.pdf

08/30/2017 OOM-DCAE Meeting on Deployment Strategy


"While the discussion on longer term strategy will continue, the teams have converged on a short-term solution for R1.  The high level description is as follows.

The teams will begin to “containerize” the bootstraping script (under project ccsdk/utils) that DCAEGEN2 uses for standing up its Cloudify Manager. 

Next both teams will work together on enhancing this container so that it becomes the “command station” that will be able to call the Cloudify Manager with a sequence of blueprints to complete the deployment of the DCAEGEN2 system.  

How APIs are exposed and configured are also discussed under the above umbrella understanding of how DCAEGEN2 will be stood up.

DCAEGEN2 will expose two APIs to the rest of the ONAP system, the VES collector API and the Deployment Handler API.  A number of options were discussed for how to expose including DNS based solution, and MSB based solution.  

DCAEGEN2 will also expect the knowledge of APIs exposed by other ONAP components, such as DMaaP Message Router, A&AI and Policy.  Previously DCAE was expecting to use well-known URLs.  Now other possibilities are opened such as having OOM inject such parameters into the “command station” container which will then write into DCAE Consul as KV for its components to read.

The two teams will work closely to implement this solution for R1."

Recording: OOM-DCAE-20170830.mp4

08/24/2017 DCAE Weekly Meeting


  1. MSB demo
  2. Project status review
  3. Call for topics for R2

Meeting recording: dcae-weekly-20170824.mp4

08/17/2017 DCAE Weekly Meeting


  1. OOM demonstration of ONAP bootstrapping using Kubernetes 
  2. Review of Gerrit DCAE repo structure and call for help for the code review effort

Meeting recording:  zoom_0.mp4


07/27/2017  Meeting contents:

collectd presentation materials by Maryam Tahham:  Platform Service Assurance for NFV Overview - DCAE.pdf




1 Comment

  1. DCAE team, in the 20170824 meeting several details on containerization work was discussed.  I would like to let anyone at DCAE know that the OOM team would like to collaborate on bringing in DCAE containers.  We have 1.0 mostly functional and are also working on R1 (dcagen2) container differences

    see references