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Deploying SDC on a Linux VM for Development ( link )

Initial Setup

  1. In folder /data/scripts/ place the following script from dcae repo - sdc/dcae-d/dt-be-main

2. Provide execution permissions to the scripts

chmod 755 /data/scripts/*

3.  As 'root' user, launch the following script to test the setup is working (it will pull dockers from the LF repo and start them)

/data/scripts/ -r 1.2-STAGING-latest

on script completion, you will see a successful health check. Depending on you VM

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  1. Hi Areli Fuss,

    Am trying to bring up DCAE -DS, but script is not available in the sdc/dcae-d/dt-be-main repository.Could you please let me know where I can find the script?

  2. Areli Fuss

    Thanks, I was able to bring up the DCAE-DS backend container using the script. But I dont see design studio frontend integrated within SDC yet. How can I view the DCAE-DS frontend?Is it integrated? If no what is the roadmap set for integrating DCAE-DS  into SDC completely?

  3. Areli Fuss

    Is there any documentation steps to bring up all the dcae-ds components, since right now I can see only for dcae-ds backend, and also is there a plan to integrate dcae-ds with OOM

    1. The docker run script should bring up 3 dockers be, fe and tools

      DCAE waits for merge into OOM