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Test plan is created to measure the performance of message publishing to Kafka Queue with the following JMeter parameters. DMaaP message router is deployed in the WindRiver lab using helm charts in one pod.

Number of threads: 1800

Ramp-up Period: 1800

Loop Count: 200

Results Summary Report:

Label# Samples AverageMinMaxStd.DevError %ThroughputReceived KB/secSend KB/secAvg.Bytes
HTTP Request36000011981171779.015470.00285197.05501370.0814633753.7284679364.1796

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  1. sunil unnava what environment was used for testing DMaaP? By environment I meant hardware and event examples.

  2. I used the Message Router Deployed in WindRiver lab using helm charts in one pod. I send a simple text message. Send KB/sec in the test results talks about the data transferred.