Files should be uploaded to the event page:  ONAP Beijing Release Developer Forum, Dec. 11-13, 2017, Santa Clara, CA US

ONAP Beijing Calendar and Development Best Practices Gildas Lanilis Monday, Dec 12, 2017

MSB to Support Carrier Grade ONAP Microservice Architecture.pdf

VoLTE case demo video

VoLTE Case Demo Presentation.pdf

vCPE VPP VNF Deep Dive.pdf



VNF On-Boarding Requirements, and Operations.pdf

"Telemetry and Analytics for the NFV World: IOAM, PNDA, DCAE", Frank Brockners, Dec 11, 2017: Telemetry-Analytics-ONAP-11Dec2017.pdf

Software Architecture Survey, Platform Maturity Requirements, Jason Hunt Dec 12, 2017 Software Architecture 11December2017.pdf

"Service Design using SDC - Overlaying Services", Roy Ben-Hai, Dec 12, 2017 Service Design in SDC - Overlaying services

Telemetry and Analytics for the NFV World: