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The TSC Vote (2020, Feb. 19) approved the folowing Wiki/RTD usage policy:

DEVELOPER WIKI: for ONAP release, project, subcommitee and development related content, e.g.

  • project management (meetings, plans, milestones, members, ...)
  • project specific development guides
  • ongoing activities and discussions
  • ONAP community event documentation

READ THE DOCS: for all formal ONAP E2E and component documentation, e.g.

  • ONAP overview, architecture, API
  • ONAP developer guides (e.g. Documentation guide)
  • ONAP user guides (E2E)
  • ONAP component guides, release notes
  • ONAP administration/operations guides
  • ONAP use-case description and usage
  • ONAP tutorials
  • ONAP release notes

For details on how to contribute to the formal ONAP documentation, refer to the ONAP Documentation Guide

Accordingly, already available "ONAP E2E and component documentation" in the Developer Wiki will be migrated to ReadTheDocs (in case the information is still valid).

See also Migrated or Deprecated Documentation Policy where affected content is gathered for a limited time.