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Welcome to the ONAP documentation project page

Project description:

  • Support in producing documentation for ONAP releases
  • Define guidelines and tooling for documentation handling across all ONAP projects
  • Include any architecture diagrams or specifications, reference to ONAP requirements list

Weekly meeting and meeting logistics

Release Planning

Approved Project Proposal


DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Contribute to sections or links to existing content   ALL.
2019-05-02 Doc Project Meeting
Rich Bennett2019-05-02 Doc Project Meeting
Andreas Geissler2019-05-02 Doc Project Meeting
  • Change swaggerv2doc recommendation... If there are problems we will recommend just post the json link. Eric Debeau
Eric Debeau2019-05-02 Doc Project Meeting
  • Seeking SMEs to review changes as they are proposed for more detailed technical content.   A potential topic for discussion of face to face event or TSC meeting Sofia Wallin
Sofia Wallin2019-01-03 Doc Project Meeting
  • Look for opportunities to use os-api-ref directive to improve existing or use with new ONAP API documentation. Rich Bennett Sofia Wallin
Rich Bennett2019-01-03 Doc Project Meeting
  • If there are opportunities to use in ONAP, provide information on how to deliver and use the directive independent of Openstack Gergely Csatari
Gergely Csatari2019-01-03 Doc Project Meeting
  • Updates when available here or in future project meetings. Gergely Csatari
Gergely Csatari2019-01-03 Doc Project Meeting
2018-09-18 Doc Project Meeting
  • How are the name space and numbering coordinated with VNF requirements ? 
2018-09-18 Doc Project Meeting
  • Identify contacts for ONS or followup meetings on 5G Use Steven Wright
Steven Wright2018-09-18 Doc Project Meeting

Agenda & Notes Archive

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  1. As of 09/14/2017, the "templates" and "how to setup template for my project" links in M4 template are all "permission denied" links.  Any suggestions?

    1. M4 Template link has been corrected and 2017-09-19 Documentation Tutorial provides detailed instructions.