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This centralized page, for all El-Alto projects, is aimed at identifying the risks as they are foreseen within the release life cycle.

A Risk that materialized becomes an Issue.


  • Identified: a risk that has been identified, but has not yet been analyzed / assessed yet 
  • Assessed: an identified risk which currently has no risk response plan 
  • Planned: an identified risk with a risk response plan
  • In-Process: a risk where the risk response is being executed 
  • Closed: a risk that occurred and is transferred to an issue or the risk was solved/avoided
  • Not occurred: a risk that was identified but that did not occur 
  • Rejected: created and kept for tracking purposes but considered not to be used yet

Risk IDProject Team or person identifying the riskIdentification DateRisk (Description and potential impact)Team or component impacted by the risk

Mitigation Plan

(Action to prevent the risk to materialize)

Contingency Plan - Response Plan

(Action in case of the risk materialized)

Probability of occurrence (probability of the risk materialized)




1Aug 1, 2019After enabling Javascript (JS) coverage, the portal's coverage dropped from 72.9% to 21.6%. This is a huge drop, as the project contain good amount of Javascript code. The risk here is not achieve 55% coverage with JS in El Alto.PORTALThe team is planning to upgrade to latest Angular 6 which is in Typescript (rather than in Javascript), along with this new upgrade, the team will explore the test coverage process for typescript code. So, the recommendation is not to invest efforts in adding code coverage for old JS code, rather invest in typescript code.For El Alto, it is recommended to disable JS code coverage and start enabling coverage for typescript code. However, achieving 55% code coverage in new Typescript code is aggressive for El Alto release.HighMedium

19 Sep 2019 - TSC approved the Sonar waiver for Portal.

Workaround - Have to execute the contingency plan as described, along with the sonar waiver (waiting for waiver from TSC). 


@Seshu Kumar 

July 25 2019OJSI issues

High high Resolved 
3Aug 7, 2019Due to unanticipated delays associated with issues in self release process and in new CLA process, we will be approximately a week behind schedule in delivering El Alto early drop release artifacts.CCSDK, SDNCRecommend that we delay the El Alto early drop by a week, since it is likely that other projects are experiencing similar challenges.
High HighRESOLVED - El Alto early drop cancelled
4Aug 1, 2019Early Drop picks up planned public Lookup name designed in Dublin.All AAF using "Locator"Per Brian F, we found all references we could in OOM files for Locator, and changed during Integration TestsPer Brian, "We're committed".  However, we've worked through known instances around Aug 1.Very Low (because of pre-release effort)Low


Pair Wise Checks to AAF are being updated.

5July 25, 2019 (email sent to onap-release list)Enablement of Javascript coverage dropped policy/engine repo below 55%Policy

We have a committed resource who will try to bump coverage via Java as that is the fastest/easiest route.

This repo is scheduled for deprecation post-Frankfurt so a waiver would be desirable.MediumLow


  Not going to be able to get coverage. Still waiting for a sonar waiver.

 waiver granted via TSC vote.



Policy project is the initial project for supporting multi-architecture docker support and the use dockerhub.

The changes for this are coming in late in the dev process and may be disruptive to our artifact delivery.

PolicyManaged by both LF and Cristina Pauna/Paul-Ionut Vaduva as a high priority, working with the policy team to ensure minimal disruption.Cristina and Paul-Ionut will provide resources to help solve any issues arising.LowLow

Closed - won't do.

Even with a delay in RC0, it is too late for us to push this work through in El Alto. Just delivering our current images to Integration for testing. Will push to Frankfurt switch over to new multi-arch images.

7Aug 31, 2019APPC docker release on 9/6 (M4)APPC
  1. Jenkins issue (IT-17367) - appc-master-verify failed, that caused code can not merge:  (RESOLVED)
  2. ccsdk:odlsli:0.5.1 , 0.5.2 - org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver class not found (WORKAROUND)
Continue working with Jess and Dan to resolve the issues.LowLowworkaround, released SNAPSHOT docker image
8Sep 1, 2019Might not solve all OJSI tickets in El AltoSDCSolve in Frankfurt those we can't close in El AltoUpdate CII accordinglyHighHigh

Closed 9/22

Remaining OJSI tickets deferred for Frankfurt

9Gervais-Martial NguekoSep 2, 2019Enablement of Javascript coverage and introduction of new JS framework might dropped clamp coverage repo below 55%CLAMPWill be solved in Frankfurt depending on available ResourcesContinue adding more  tests as Resources bacame availableHighLowIn-Process
10Gervais-Martial NguekoSep 2, 2019Might not implement  all CSIT testCLAMPWill be solved in Frankfurt depending on available ResourcesContinue adding more tests as Resources bacame availableHighLowIn-Process
11Takamune ChoSep 4, 2019OJSI ticketsAPPCUsing AAF's bath feature to allow certain user to access ODL url pathworking with Sai from AAFHighLowIn Progress
12Sep 4, 2019Enabling HTTPS on OOF-Music InterfaceOOF

Changes from the OOF end would be made such that we can start consuming HTTPS once MUSIC's helm charts are fixed for using HTTPS ( OPTFRA-330 - Getting issue details... STATUS OPTFRA-562 - Getting issue details... STATUS ). Our pairwise testing could still happen over http. 

Work with the Music team for workarounds. HighLowIn Progress
 13Sep 4, 2019Not all OJSI tickets can be addressed in El AltoDCAEWill be targeted in Frankfurt depending on resource availability Update CII accordingly High High

09/18 - Closed

Addressed some OJSI tickets for EL-Alto;  remainder tickets deferred for Frankfurt

 14Sep 4 2019Certain El-Alto scoped item/jiras related to DCAE MS optimization/enhancements may have to be deferred to due to resource changesDCAEWill be targeted in FrankfurtContinue using Dublin MS versionMedium Low

09/18 - Closed

PRH/HV-VES delivered

SDK/VES updates deferred to Frankfurt

15Prudence AuSeptember 5, 2019Due to resources issue, might not be able to resolve all high/highest bugs for El AltoLoggingWill be targeted in FrankfurtThere are JIRA tickets associated to this and document will be updated to reflect this.MediumLowIn Progress