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The External Open Source Community Coordinator is responsible for identifying members of the ONAP community with existing relationships to external open source communities, coordinating with them to expedite interactions between members of the ONAP community and those external communities, and reporting to the TSC on those activities.

Towards that end, the tables below will be used to track engagements with other open source communities and members of the ONAP community with contacts in other open source communities which may be useful to the ONAP community.  ONAP community members are encouraged to add themselves and their engagements.  Note: Multiple contacts for a given community are both natural and welcome.

Name Description Communities ONAP Community Members Involved
General OPNFV Collaboration

OPNFV and ONAP collaborations are tracked at the link

and via OOM collaboration

Bryan Sullivan <>

Eric Debeau <>

Alla Goldner <>

Michael O'Brien <> (OOM)

General Collaboration 

ONAP and collaborations, currently focused

on supplying VPP based open source sample VNFs for

ONAP vCPE use case at the link


Brian FREEMAN <>

Danny Zhou <>

Johnson Li <>

Yoav Kluger <>

Michal Pawloswki'

Acumos Collaboration

201804 to present

Acumos follows ONAP log standards and some OOM charts - specifically the ELK charts

Community Contacts
Community SubCommunity/Project ONAP Community Member Description of Contact Expertise in Community

Ed Warnicke <> IRC: edwarnicke TSC Member


 Jamil Chawki User Advisory Group member

Ed Warnicke <> IRC: edwarnicke TSC Chair

Gildas Lanilis <> IRC: gildaslanilis Community Tool

Christopher Donley <> Certification & Compliance chair

Bryan Sullivan <> Facilitator for ONAP-OPNFV Lab Sharing and X-CI discussions


 Jamil Chawki  Board director representing Silver end Users 

OPNFV Test Working Group

Compliance Validation Program (Dovetail Project)

ONAP-Automated OPNFV (Auto)

Member of OOM and Log projects

Kanagaraj Manickam

Xinhui Li <>

Core-Reviewer in Heat (Orchestrator)

Core-Reviewer in Tacker (NFVO & VNFM)

Core-review in Senlin (VNFM)

Ethan Lynn <> IRC: elynn

Core-Reviewer in Heat (Orchestrator)

Core-Reviewer in Senlin (VNFM)

Former MEF consultant and MEF Member representative

Chief Architect of MEF LSO. Co-leader of MEF Legato IRP. Editor of MEF LSO Operational Threads. Co-editor of MEF LSO SOF Architecture.


 Danny Zhou


Contactor of supplying VPP based VNFs (e.g. vBRG, vBNG, vG MUX, vG) for vCPE use case

Apache ARIA TOSCA Arthur Berezin Apache ARIA TOSCA PMC
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