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LF is working on optimizing the release process overall.

Our goal is to help PTLs and teams handle their releases as much as possible with little to no LF intervention.

Ongoing work for Nexus 2 Maven releases

For Nexus2 Maven releases, LF team is working on migrating the teams to use global-jjb {project-name}-maven-stage-{stream} 

This job performs the following:

  1. Removes "-SNAPSHOT" from all pom files so that the push can be done in staging
  2. Produces a taglist.log, project.patch, and project.bundle files
  3. Runs a mvn clean deploy to a local staging repo
  4. Pushes the staging repo to a Nexus staging repo<REPO_ID> (REPO_ID is saved to staging-repo.txt on the log server)
  5. Archives taglist.log, project.patch, and project.bundle files to log server

Currently, having teams using {project-name}-maven-stage-{stream}  will already reduce the time LF takes to make a release to just the time it takes to make 1 click in Nexus2.

LF team is also working on automating that last step. 

Ongoing work for Nexus 3 Docker releases

Currently, there is no job in global-jjb that helps on this. 

Internally, we had some blockers while trying to add the signatures, but now that this is possible in Maven artifacts, we can start working on incorporating the same into Docker releases. 

Migration to DockerHub

There are few things to consider for this migration. Currently they are not well planned on regards on how should they be addressed but this is hopefully getting clearer as we go

  • Tech teams make Nexus3 registry references in the code (pom.xml, Docker files...) We need to know how are the teams going to change these references to Dockerhub without disrupting much of their current procedures
  • LF has to update the docker templates we have to publish to Dockerhub. We need to make sure we wither create a new template or make this information into a parameter we can slowly modify as we transition 
  • Currently DockerHub has all releases up to date, is the team going to need any snapshots? 

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