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CLAMPArchitectureMaintainedNo ChangeN/A

CLAMP Architecture

POLICYArchitectureMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A

Policy Framework Architecture

POLICYOffered APIsMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A

Policy Offered APIs

POLICYDevelopment GuideMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A

Policy Platform Development

HOLMESArchitectureMaintainedNo ChangeN/A

Holmes Architecture

HOLMESOffered APIsMaintainedNo ChangeN/A

Offered APIs

HOLMESConsumed APIsMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A

Consumed APIs

HOLMESInstallationMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A

ModelingArchitectureYuanhong DengMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A

ModelingOffered APIsYuanhong DengMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A

OOFArchitectureMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A(tick)
OOF Architecture

OOFOffered APIsMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A(tick)
OOF Offered APIs

OOFRelease NotesMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A(tick)
OOF Release Notes

(tick) updated but need to remove "release date"

VFCOffered APIsYuanhong DengMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A

SOArchitectureSeshu Kumar MudigantiMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A

SOOffered APIsMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A

SODevelopment GuideMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A

VIDRelease NotesIttay SternMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A Updated but not using the new template
VIDSwagger API

Ittay Stern , automatically generated

MaintainedNo ChangeN/A

VIDUser GuideIttay SternMaintainedNo ChangeN/A

Usecase UIRelease NotesMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A

Usecase-UI Release Notes(tick) Updated but not using the new template
Usecase UIUser GuideMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A
Usecase UIInstallation GuideMaintainedNo ChangeN/A
SDCArchitectureChristophe ClossetMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A
(tick) (Oct DDF)SDC Documentation(tick)
SDCRelease NotesMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A
(tick) (Oct DDF)SDC Release Note(tick) Updated but not using the new template
AAIOffered APIsMaintainedMinor Update

AAIAAI REST APIWilliam ReehilMaintainedMinor Update

AAIRelease NotesWilliam ReehilMaintainedMinor Update Updated but not using the new template
IntegrationRelease NotesMaintainedMinor Update

IntegrationUser Guide including use case documentationMaintainedMinor Update

IntegrationTest Developer GuideNewInitial Publication

MultiCloudArchitectureMaintainedNo ChangeN/A

MultiCloudRESP APIMaintainedNo ChangeN/A

MultiCloudUser GuildMaintainedNo ChangeN/A

ONAP CLIRelease notesMaintainedMinot updatesN/A


release notes


MaintainedMinot updatesN/A

(tick) Updated but not using the new template
DCAEArchitectureMaintainedMinor Update

DCAERelease NotesVijay Venkatesh KumarMaintainedMinor Update Updated but not using the new template
DCAEOffered API'sVijay Venkatesh KumarMaintainedMinor Update

DCAEConsumed API'sMaintainedMinor Update

DCAEDashboard User guideNewInitial Publication


MOD User guide

MaintainedNo Change

DCAEDCAE Service ComponentsMaintainedMinor Update on existing components + New Guilin components

New -

New -

VVPVVP Documentationsteven starkMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A

VNFRQTSProvider DocsTrevor LovettMaintainedMinor Update

DMAAPArchitecture and UsageMandar SawantMaintainedNo ChangeN/A

DMAAPRelease NotesMandar SawantMaintainedMinor ChangeN/A

PORTALRelease NotesMaintainedMajor UpdateN/A Updated but not using the new template
CCSDKORAN-A1 User GuideNewInitial Publication

CCSDKCDS User GuideMaintainedMinor updateN/A

CDS User Guide

CCSDKRelease NotesDan TimoneyMaintainedMinor updateN/A

CCSDK Release Notes

SDNCOffered APIsDan TimoneyMaintainedMinor Update

SDNC Offered Apis

SDNCRelease NotesDan TimoneyMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A
DOCRelease NotesSofia WallinMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A
DOCLanding pageSofia WallinMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A
DOCComposite release noteMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A
DOCONAP User GuidesSofia WallinMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A

DOCONAP Operation GuidesSofia WallinMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A

OOMSetup GuideMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A

OOMRelease NotesMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A
EXTAPIArchitectureAdrian OSullivanMaintainedNo ChangeN/A

Architecture Guide

EXTAPIOffered APIsAdrian OSullivanMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A

Offered APIs

EXTAPIConsumed APIsAdrian OSullivanMaintainedMinor UpdateN/A

Consumed APIs

EXTAPIInstallationMaintainedNo ChangeN/A


EXTAPIDeveloper GuideMaintainedNo ChangeN/A

Developer Guide

MSBArchitectureHuabingZhaoMaintainedNo ChangeN/A

Architecture Guide

MSBOffered APIsHuabingZhaoMaintainedNo ChangeN/A

Offered APIs

MSBConsumed APIsHuabingZhaoMaintainedNo ChangeN/A

Consumed APIs

In the Amsterdam release, MSB does not consume any APIs provided by other ONAP components.

InstallationHuabingZhaoMaintained No ChangeN/A




  1. Find JIRA task attached to M1 Epic for your project, if you haven't already done so.
  2. In the table above, fill in
    • project name
    • doc title,
    • doc owner (use Confluence @ notation for name, e.g., David McBride)
    • current doc state
    • activity planned for release
  3. Update status of JIRA task as Done


  1. Find JIRA task attached to M2 Epic for your project, if you haven't already done so.
  2. Note that this task applies to new documents only (i.e., "New" in Current Document State column).  If this is not a new document, just enter "N/A" in the Preliminary Documentation Completed column in the table above.
  3. For new documents, at a minimum create a placeholder document (e.g., document with a title, or an outline), and commit to the repo. Add a link to the gerrit to the Preliminary Documentation column in the table above.
  4. Update the status of the JIRA task as Done.

Post M4

  1. Find the dates for the two documentation hackathons.
  2. The document owner should plan on attending at least one of the two hackathons.
  3. Enter a green checkmark in the appropriate column in the table above for the hackathon that was attended.


  1. Find JIRA task attached to RC0 Epic for your project, if you haven't already done so.
  2. Add a link to the document in ReadTheDocs in the appropriate column in the table above.
  3. Update the status of the JIRA task as Done.

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