Borrowing some initial material from Use case proposal: 5G- RAN deployment, Slicing, SON

Homing plays a key role in the 5G RAN Deployment:

Disaggregated 5G RAN consists of hybrid network elements (PNF and VNF) and will require a cloud infrastructure deployment at the edge. SDC would define the models for the 5G VNF and PNF resources. On receiving service instantiation request via Portal or external API, SO will decompose the request, and call HAS to find optimal placements for the VNFs. HAS would query AAI, and MultiCloud to identify available resources, and provide optimal placement for the RAN components. The design parameters needed for use by HAS for placement of 5G VNF resources would be available from SDC, and the policies that guide the placement would be provided by the policy framework. The workflows are envisioned to be similar to the vCPE Use Case

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  1. Hi,
    Is there a relation between this item, and the SO-678 - Getting issue details... STATUS   (which contains: SO-744 Enable use of Multicloud OpenStack Endpoint Proxy to Instantiate VNFs)?
    What I am as well interested in - I saw here, that there is a plan to re-use vCPE workflows to host the Homing functions for 5G VNF.
    Are there any plans to provide these workflows (probably after modifications) as part of the Casablanca release, or the target is just to use them as a test-vehicle for OOF/5G VNF homing function?

  2. Damian, apologies for the delay in the response. The plan is to certainly reuse the existing Homing workflows for the 5G VNFs. OOF and Homing in itself is completely policy and mode driven, and can easily extend to new services and VNFs. In fact, so long as the 5G VNFs can use existing constraints, it may need minimal to no modifications. However, if there are additional constraints that are not used by other use cases in ONAP (like latency), this would require adding the additional data sources in the workflow to provide this information. That said, this hasn't quite come up the priority stack for the Dublin release as well.