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This tutorial will show how to use the SLI-API in SDNC for prototyping activities. Genereally , before the entire yang model is completed and an md-sal application for the service is implemented a lot of work can be done in SDNC to test the draft model, the directed graph and even any new adapters before the northbound interface or any northbound systems are ready.

We will show artifacts for two prototype environemts:

a. vCPE  - the virtual gateway activate. This could be re-used for other VNFs in the use case.

b. VoLTE - the WAN interface activate. This could be re-used for other connections. This case should also show how to use the REST API call node to test with a REST based 3rd party controller while working on a vendor specific adapter node.

The main sequence is:

  1. Create the SLI-API  json input 
    1. Do this first so that you know variables the DG and Adapter will operate on/ need
  2. Create the Directed Graph 
    1. Add  RECORD nodes so that you save the input and other data to the svclogic.log for debugging
  3. Test the service api through the SLI-API rpc on apidoc/explorer/index.html

Select one of the links below for the details and artifacts:

vCPE Example

VoLTE Example