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Jenkins Build Failure Analyzer plugin analyzes the causes of failed builds and presents the causes on the build page.

It does this by using a knowledge base of build failure causes that is built up from scratch and kept up to date by the 

community using Jenkins.

All users currently have view permissions. 

If you would like to request configure permissions, please contact and

request access to the onap-build-failure-analyzer-access group

The plugin can be configured as follows:

  1.  Login into (Only authenticated users will be able to create and update build failure causes)
  2.  Look for the "Failure Cause Management" link on the left side menu
  3. Click on the "Create new" option
  4. Fill up the information (You can use a failed build's log as an example on what you would like the plugin to detect)
  5. Save your entry. 

For more detailed information, please look into the official build failure analyzer plugin page listed above. 

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