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  • Backlog/Board
  • appc meeting based on EELF - 
  • Go over issue priority/assignment
  • go over doc priorities
  • Committer Review
  • 1 - Jerome (Bell) - remove - can reapply at any time
  • 2 - Daniel (Bell) - remove can reapply at any time
  • 3 - Dave - write up profile (one of the spec originators and at all meetings/reviews) and present to TSC as new committer
  • 4 - Michael - committer in prep of ptl
  • 5 - verify Luke has all committer rights
  • 6 - Mark - free up committer role for new committers
  • 7 - invite new committers on onap-discuss - likely appc, policy, portal personnel (non-Amdocs, non-AT&T - for the 3+ company rule)
  • review  LOG-111 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and LOG-95
  • Investigate Vitaly's SDC JIRA Vitaly Emporopulo
  • Open tracing - look into the API - with the other teams
  • logging and config in general should be driven by the teams themselves in OOM - we provide the initial template
  • Brian Freeman discussions about logging at the F2F - needs filtered logging (debug separate) for the elk stream - use ELK instead of tailing in this case (we need to involve the ops team and address any processing delay)
  • spec work needs to be finished
  • OOM coordination - starting with AAI config - include the logging config - raise a logging epic - raise a JIRA on fixing the chef issue introduced by the git pull in the container - AAI-548 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Shay Takore (AT&T) wants to help us see  Joining the ONAP Technical Community
  • move guidelines meeting up to 9am EDT - publish to onap-discuss
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  1. Michael O'Brien (Amdocs 1705-1905) Historically I have some knowledge of EELF and the guidelines it attempts to implement. I've been also working on a robust and painless implementation of audit and metrics, as well as application logging in SDC Onboarding.  Feel free to contact me if you want me to share my thoughts.