• address backlog of LOG Meeting Minutes 2018-11-13
  • Committer/PTL votes
    • PTL role is up for election - any committer can run - details on last election - I will post a page for Dublin for next week
    • Committer list review
      • Lee (LOG)
      • Avdhut (LOG)
      • Luke (LOG)
      • Michael (LOG/POMBA)
      • Prudence (LOG/POMBA)
      • Geora (POMBA)
      • Shane has left ONAP (pomba)
      • room for 2-4 more committers (Logging - Lorraine, Dave, Sanjay? and Pomba - Pierre?)
  • Resource commitments
  • Overall Dublin plan - Logging Dublin Scope
    • LOG-870 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Infrastructure
      • Log streaming adjustments (see Log Streaming Compliance and API)
        • with
        • partial
        • without
      • Security
        • Security (REST and HTTPS transport)
          • Definitely need to use search guard  LOG-494 - Getting issue details... STATUS
        • Vulnerability/PEN testing
    • Log format/schema adherence
      • We have a good spec from Casablanca - we will be implementing this in Dublin - see Active Logging Specifications
      • ecomp to onap
      • openo to onap
      • new components
    • Use cases
      • ops
      • transaction tracing (passing, failure of VNF deployment for example)
    • Log library use (optional)
      • As we know - each pod will need to deliver logs in one of at least 3 ways, manually, non-AOP library (like AAI), AOP library (like portal/sdk, or our reference)
      • retrofit/augment our example to use portal, adjust the library if required, support adoption onap wide

  • TODO


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  1. Q) Luke Parker - discuss how to implement the proposed 29 field spec - see

    Adoption: we need to demonstrate some sort of minimal use case that benefits from starting to adhere to the spec

    EELF question

    goal: logs traceable across components

    Steve Smokowski - pending work - readd filebeats then verify log format (should be good)

    Will work with SO, Portal and AAI team - 

    SO-1110 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  2. Attendees - thank you, very appreciated

    Thanks for the discussion Steve Smokowski on SO