• Frankfurt status
    • update to version 3.x of Python
    • update to Java 11 Dave Williamsonto reach out Kevin Smokowski to evaluate the effort required
    • Need help for the work described above
  • Draft Frankfurt spec ONAP Application Logging Specification v1.3 (Frankfurt) - Continuation
    • Is there any components still write log to /var/log/ONAP_EELF? Luke ParkerAny updates?
    • We owe Steve Smokowski an answer for his question on August 30, 2018 (Response Code and Response Description) and September 4, 2018 (Invoke and Invoke-return).
      - Sanjay and Dave Williamson to talk with the AT&T Ops team for the use of Response Code and Response description.
      Prudence Auto reply to Steve on invoke and invoke-return and add a JIRA ( LOG-1174 - Getting issue details... STATUS )to update the sample implementation to include invoke-return marker 
    • What is needed for Michael's TODO on November 21, 2018 regarding X-FromAppId?
      Prudence Au to include X-FromAppId as one of the option for PartnerName
    • Still need to address the issue with 2 test environments and only 1 log instance?  Dave Williamson reported it on December 6, 2018
      Sanjay and Dave Williamsonto investigate.  This might be resolved by the tenant isolation feature.
    • The description for p_message should be updated to "standard attribute - defined in logback.xml - Message - used for %msg%" as suggested by Lorraine Welch on  July 3, 2019?
      Agreed to update the description as described by Lorraine.
    • Removing "VirtualServerName" as mentioned by Dave Williamsonon July 23, 2019? 
    • Still need a description for ServiceInstanceID, any taker?
      Suggestion: An unique identifier of a newly instantiated network service instance.
    • Any feedback on Kevin Smokowski's comment on August 6, 2019 regarding the use of User-Agent as PartnerName?
    • Any feedback on Kevin Smokowski's comment on August 5, 2019 regarding the value of ServerIPAddress in the case of docker & kubernetes deployment?
    • Any updates needed for TargetEntity and PartnerName?  Mentioned on August 15, 2019 (a conversation between Dave and Kevin)
    • Any feedback on composite RequestID or NOT composite RequestID (from October 2, 2019)?



  • Next meeting: November 5
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