Release process is detailed in How to release CCSDK sli artifacts

Logging Release Artifacts plan

  • remove SNAPSHOT tag, ask LF to move built artifact (1.2.2 in Casablanca) to release nexus2, change to new 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT, change dependent projects to use the new 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT
    • All above done in sequence for
    • plan
      logging-analytics (root) (pom)
      + logging-reference (pom)
      + logging-demo
      + logging-docker-root
      + logging-kubernetes
      + logging-library
      + logging-mock-service
      + logging-slf4j
      + logging-sl4fj-demo
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  1. Are these instructions meant for contributors or are special privileges needed to cut a release artifact?

    1. I spoke to Prudence Au in e-mail, "A contributor can start the release process but a committer will need to approve it." This process has started in El Alto.