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Release NameStatusInitial Release DateNext PhaseEOL Date
New DelhiPre-Planning1H24PlanningTBD
GuilinPlanning2H20Requirements Definition1H21
FrankfurtCurrent Release


Maintenance Release (project)TBD
El AltoCurrent Release


Maintenance Release (ONAP)TBD
Dublin (doc)EOL



Casablanca (doc)EOL



Beijing (doc)EOL



Amsterdam (doc)EOL



Status Definitions

Pre-PlanningOnly the release name has been determined.
PlanningPre-M0.  The release name has been chosen and tentative milestone dates have been determined.
Requirements DefinitionBetween M0 and M1.  The schedule has been approved and requirements are being documented and prioritized.
DevelopmentAfter M1 but before release. Requirements are being implemented and tested.
Current ReleaseThe approved output of the release process which interested end users should be deploying. 
Maintenance ReleaseThe approved output of bug fixes and other changes made to the initial release.
End of Life (EOL)This release has been replaced by a newer release and is no longer supported.

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  1. This seems to be in need of updating given the TSC presentation here.  The E,F,G release cadence is changed and, the view needs to look forward several years beyond 2020.