Release NameStatusMost Recent Maintenance
Release Date
Initial Release DateNext PhaseEOL Date
New DelhiPre-PlanningTBD1H24PlanningTBD
MontrealDevelopmentTBD2H23Current ReleaseTBD
LondonCurrent Release


Supported Release1H24
KohnSupported Release





















El AltoEOL




Dublin (doc)EOL



Casablanca (doc)EOL




Beijing (doc)EOL



Amsterdam (doc)EOL



Status Definitions

Pre-PlanningOnly the release name and an approximate time frame have been determined.
PlanningPre-M0.  The release name has been chosen and tentative milestone dates have been determined.
Requirements DefinitionBetween M0 and M2.  The schedule has been approved and requirements are being documented and prioritized.
DevelopmentAfter M2 but before release. Requirements are being implemented and tested.
Current ReleaseThe approved output of the release process which interested end users should be deploying. 
Maintenance ReleaseThe approved output of bug fixes and other changes made to the initial release, or a prior maintenance release.
Supported ReleasePreviously a Current Release.  Still supported, but only receiving critical updates. ONAP supports the current release and the current release - 1.
End of Life (EOL)This release is no longer supported.


  1. This seems to be in need of updating given the TSC presentation here.  The E,F,G release cadence is changed and, the view needs to look forward several years beyond 2020.

  2. Seems to need update. Actual Development Version is Kohn.

  3. Hi there,

    I am trying to deploy full ONAP-KOHN version in HA Kubernetes cluster on Openstack. I am using the following document: I prepared the base environment following the docs and the specs of my nodes are:

    NAME      STATUS   ROLES           AGE    VERSION
    onap-m1   Ready    control-plane   8d     v1.26.3
    onap-m2   Ready    control-plane   7d1h   v1.26.3
    onap-w1   Ready    <none>          7d1h   v1.26.3
    onap-w2   Ready    <none>          7d1h   v1.26.3
    onap-w3   Ready    <none>          7d1h   v1.26.3
    onap-w4   Ready    <none>          7d1h   v1.26.3
    onap-w5   Ready    <none>          7d1h   v1.26.3
    onap-w6   Ready    <none>          7d1h   v1.26.3

    **Though it recommends to use Kubernetes components of 1.23.8 in the docs, but I use 1.26.3 (latest version) to make stable HA cluster according to illustration attached in Is it mandatory to use 1.23.8 version ???

    However, when I was trying to deploy OOM Helm release, I am getting following error:

    I will appreciate any kind of help or suggestion to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance,


    1. This is not a good place to get help for issues. Please use the email discussion groups from here or our Slack