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These notes are in support of committer voting on moving Michael O'Brien (Amdocs 1705-1905) to PTL of the Logging-Analytics project

Presented to TSC on TSC 2017-11-30

20180122 Committer vote results - to be presented to the TSC on the 25th in prep of the PTL change

Michael O'Brien - Committer Promotion Request for [Logging-Analytics]

ONAP experience

Since May 2017 in version 1.0.

Work running/documenting/integrating vFW use case in various environments in ONAP previously in HEAT, currently in OOM

Worked with TSC on behalf of Logging and OOM and assisted with PTL role in Logging since Sept 12 2017

Active committer(contributor status) on OOM and Logging-analytics projects

Work with external VMWare VIO OPNFV, CNCF, and ONAP Integration groups - specifically representing OOM and Logging.

Previous open source experience

Neo4j – NoSQL Graph Database (6 months) – Nokia 2016-2017

Contributed code/method to run the graph database in JVM embedded mode (for Directed graph traversal speed) instead of external REST endpoint container in 3.0 release for Jan 2017.

Example on for and

EclipseLink ORM - JSR-317 (4 years) – Oracle 2007-2011 Companies: Oracle, SUN, SAP

Paid corporate committer (100% full time) from 2007-2014 under later

Tech Reviewer for JPA 2.0 book


Largest work was the Metamodel port of the Criteria API under

Service Data Objects JSR-235 (1 year) – Oracle 2006 Paid corporate committer (100% full time) 2006-2007


Largest work was on the ChangeSummary

November 2017 Email 


From: Michael O'Brien
Sent: Thursday, November 30, 2017 09:09
To: 'Gildas Lanilis' <>; Kenny Paul <>
Subject: FW: TSC Agenda Item: MIchael O'Brien for Logging-Analytics PTL




From: Michael O'Brien
Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2017 16:21
To: Kenny Paul <>; 'Gildas Lanilis' <>; Avdhut Kholkar <>; 'BRESLAU, LEE M (LEE M)' <>; Luke Parker <>; '' <>; Jerome Doucerain <>
Cc: Alla Goldner <>; Mark Pond <>
Subject: TSC Agenda Item: MIchael O'Brien for Logging-Analytics PTL


Gildas, Kenny,

   Hi, could I add one item to the next TSC meeting.

   We have finished voting on the following proposal: Moving Michael O’Brien to Logging-analytics PTL

   This change was voted on by all 3 active committers of the project.  I included the other 2 inactive committers on all correspondence up to this vote as well.

   There are also about 14 contributors to the project that have been on the last 2 meetings we have at 11EDT every Tuesday where this item was on the agenda.


    Thank you for your work on this and thank you to the project committers and contributors.





From: Avdhut Kholkar
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2017 13:10
To: Luke Parker <>; BRESLAU, LEE M (LEE M) <>; Michael O'Brien <>; Mark Pond <>; Jerome Doucerain <>;
Subject: RE: ONAP Proposal: Vote on Michael O’Brien for PTL of Logging-Analytics project







From: Luke Parker
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2017 10:35 PM
To: BRESLAU, LEE M (LEE M) <>; Michael O'Brien <>; Luke Parker <>; Mark Pond <>; Jerome Doucerain <>;; Avdhut Kholkar <>
Subject: Re: ONAP Proposal: Vote on Michael O’Brien for PTL of Logging-Analytics project




On 21/11/17 03:55, BRESLAU, LEE M (LEE M) wrote:







From: Michael O'Brien []
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2017 11:50 AM
To: Luke Parker <>; POND, MARK <>; Jerome Doucerain <>;; BRESLAU, LEE M (LEE M) <>; KHOLKAR, AVDHUT <>
Subject: ONAP Proposal: Vote on Michael O’Brien for PTL of Logging-Analytics project



   Hi, We have a proposal PTL vote for all the committers on the logging project at ONAP.


   We discussed this on the last public logging-analytics meeting the proposal on myself for the PTL role in this project. 

   There would be minimal changes to the project, I would formally take over the JIRA-board, coordination, TSC meetings, branch/release work from Luke to free him up for even more architectural and design work – although we continue as before with a flexible open environment.


   The process as I understand it is for all the committers to vote on this by putting a +1 or -1, we then pass this vote to the TSC.

   We can discuss this again on this Tue’s logging meeting tomorrow as well.


   Proposal: Vote for Michael O’Brien for TSC of Logging-Analytics project

   Additional details are in the wiki below


   thank you


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